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Classroom to Internship: LJS Summer Intern Experiences

August 2, 2023

Law Justice and Society postcard with images from student internships

Internships to explore career interests, build connections, and are great for finding a professional mentor. Summer is the most popular time for Fred D. Gray Institute for Law, Justice and Society students to fulfill the required internship credit. Madison Schomer, Keagan Pendergrass, Emma Winters and Janeyah Anderson are in four varied intern roles, each with the opportunity to apply classroom learning and develop workplace skills that bolster career readiness. 

Madison Schomer

Alongside Madison Schomer’s studies in law, justice and society, she specializes in public relations. Schomer combines her studies and hometown this summer in Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s (IL-14) office as a Congressional Press Intern. 

The summer internship is a hands-on experience in her Illinois home district, “refining my skills and gaining valuable insights into the world of politics and media.” As a Congressional Press Intern, Schomer produces high-quality content and engages with diverse audiences. 

While reflecting on her time at Lipscomb, “it's a bittersweet yet exciting journey, and I am filled with optimism and gratitude for the meaningful experiences thus far, and those that await me.”

Schomer served as an SGA senator and leads the Lipscomb community as an assistant coach for the Lipscomb Academy Mock Trial Team and as the Director of Recruitment for Delta Omega social club. 

Entering into her senior year at Lipscomb, Schomer stated, “above all else, I look forward to being in community with my incredible professors and classmates who inspire me to grow deeper in my faith and ignite a passion for serving others.”


Keagan Pendergrass

Keagan Pendergrass spent the first portion of her summer with classmates and professors studying throughout five countries in Europe for Law in the Global Community. She was part of the first trip back in four years and was the highlight of her summer. The group met with the groups such as: Ardea International, Eurojust, the International Court of Justice and the International Federation of Red Cross.

After Europe, Pendergrass has been in Nashville’s City Hall working at the Mayor’s Office. This internship builds upon a career goal to work in the federal government.

“It’s one thing to hear about the government in the classroom, but to be a part of it is even better...the internship allows me to put everything I am learning into practice.” - Keagan Pendergrass

As an intern, Pendergrass gains invaluable real-world experience through exposure to local government structure and how it shapes the community.

From a summer of global studies to local government, Pendergrass is excited to be in class again with the peers and professors she bonded with in Europe. Among her fall courses, she is most interested in Appellate Advocacy, historically known to have the final presentation in front of judges and justices of Tennessee state courts.


Emma Winters

This summer, Emma Winters brings her knowledge of law and politics into Calvert Street Group, a political consulting and PR firm with offices in Nashville. “This summer was my first experience interning at an organization that mirrored some of the characteristics I want in my career after college,” said Winters, “it was exciting getting to work in a space that was a true blend of LJS, working with the law through political means for the community.”  
Bringing in knowledge from her internship, Winters anticipates the school year ahead, “my summer has prepared me to go into next semester excited to come at topics with new perspectives and experiences to pull from.” Similarly to Pendergrass and Schomer, Winters is looking forward to reuniting with the community of women in LJS classes and the LIFE program. The Lipscomb Initiative for Education (LIFE) program selects courses from the university curriculum and relocates them from campus to the Tennessee Prison for Women in west Nashville. Law, Justice and Society offered a course taught by Professor Kimberly McCall at the Tennessee Prison for Women this past year.
“My experiences this summer reminded me how important connections and networking are to people wanting to work within this field, and to soak up the time you get to spend with the people you look up to!” - Emma Winters


Janeyah Anderson

Janeyah Anderson is working with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) in the Criminal Records Unit. The unit is found within TBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) division, supporting local, state and federal criminal justice agencies with a variety of complex systems. Anderson’s role as an Administrative Assistant provides her with new insight and understanding of the criminal justice system and court proceedings. 

Continuing her involvement from the past year to the upcoming year, Anderson is an integral part of the Student Government Association and the LJS Mock Trial team.

Lipscomb’s Student Government Association advocates for the concerns of the student body from academic to spiritual growth. Anderson served in student leadership as a sophomore SGA representative in the 2022-23 school year. In the spring, Anderson was elected to serve as the SGA vice president for the upcoming year. 

The Mock Trial team is one of the newest offerings of involvement with the Fred D. Gray Institute for Law, Justice and Society. Anderson was one of eight students to travel to St. Louis, Missouri in February to compete in the American Mock Trial Association regional tournament. The group is eager to be back together and recruit more classmates into the team.



Lipscomb University's Fred D. Gray Institute for Law, Justice and Society is designed to continue the legacy of Fred D. Gray and equip students to serve their communities as empathetic and strategic advocates. Our undergraduate students have the advantage of our convenient Nashville location, taking field trips to the legislature and state capitol. 

Applications are now open for the Fall '24 school year. Schedule a visit or contact an admissions counselor in your area to learn more about the full Lipscomb experience.

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