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Student Resources

As a student of Lipscomb University's College of Education, we have provided several online resources to support your academic experience and better prepare you for life after college.

Student Teaching

Enhanced student teaching is the culminating experience in the Teacher Education Program at Lipscomb University. Every teacher education student teaches in two different classrooms located in area schools for a total of 15 weeks of student teaching. Prior to student teaching, Lipscomb students gain valuable classroom experience by observing and assisting with instruction beginning as early as the second semester of the Freshman year and continuing throughout the program.

The student teaching experience begins with an orientation and a reception honoring the student teachers and the K-12 cooperating teachers who are selected to work with student teachers. Student teachers are also teamed with a faculty member from the university who serves as a supervisor during student teaching. Supervisors maintain close contact with student teachers as they evaluate, encourage, and support growth. Regularly scheduled large and small group seminars provide avenues for ongoing professional development and a peer support network.

At the conclusion of student teaching, Lipscomb students are asked to evaluate the experience and their assigned supervisor. This information is used to make improvements as Lipscomb prepares teachers to effectively practice their craft, develop appropriate attitudes and values, cultivate relationships, and gain essential knowledge in an atmosphere of C.A.R.E.

Metro schools provide the primary source of practicum and student teaching placements.  Included in the 127 schools are:

  • 9 magnet schools, that have specialized curricula 
  • 11 United States Schools of Excellence, which is the highest award given to any public or independent K-12 school
  • 466 21st Century Classrooms, that emphasize technology as an instructional tool
  • 3,400 students who represent 79 different languages, who are part of English Language Learners programs

Student Teacher Resources

Teacher Resource Sites

Access a database of useful websites and links to educational information, lesson plans and activities, and everything you may need for the classroom.

The following sites have been recommended either by Education professors or our students. While we are not responsible for their content, they have been reviewed and we found that each seemed to offer valuable information for anyone in the teaching profession. We remain open to suggestions of sites that should either be added or deleted.


LiveText is an electronic interface to create, submit, and complete assignments for courses helps students stay organized and receive the feedback needed to improve learning. Such documents and assignments then become the evidence needed for programs to assess and analyze effectiveness.  Access tutorials and account information.