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The University Marketing office brings a robust set of marketing capabilities to the Lipscomb community.

University Marketing collaborates extensively with the Public Relations and Communications office and other offices to deliver projects. University Marketing also maintains several strategic partnerships with vendors that support the marketing efforts of the university. In these ways, University Marketing has the breadth to partner with your department or office to meet your marketing goals.

Often a single project involves all of University Marketing's capabilities. This underscores the importance of planning and collaboration. University Marketing's capabilities include:

  • Research & Strategy
  • Analytics
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Design
  • Messaging & Writing
  • Website & Social Media
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Vendor Management

Research & Strategy

Strategy is a choice. Strategy is the integrated set of choices we make that positions Lipscomb to create a durable advantage and superior value relative to our competitors. Therefore, an effective strategy requires research to understand the market. On the foundation of quality research, the University Marketing team can build strategic marketing plans.


Goals are measurable. The University Marketing team can use existing and develop new measurement techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing effort.

Advertising Campaigns

Advertising a consistent and persistent message in the market moves audiences to actions. The University Marketing team can build and deploy omnichannel advertising campaigns that promote Lipscomb on digital devices, in mailboxes, on billboards and across other advertising channels.


Design differentiates and motivates. Great design stands out. It motivates audiences to take action. The University Marketing team can ideate and execute graphic, digital and experience designs that get attention and foster engagement.

Messaging & Writing

Words inspire. A strategic advantage Lipscomb brings to the market are the students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members who transform lives. The University Marketing team can craft stories that inspire audiences to seek out all that Lipscomb has to offer.

Website & Social Media

Digital is the front door for audiences today. More people experience Lipscomb through the website and social media channels than any other form of marketing. The University Marketing team can implement websites and social media that are appealing to audiences.


Videos make Lipscomb real. Audiences see themselves in videos that tell stories about students thriving at Lipscomb and alumni uplifting the communities where they live and work. The University Marketing team can storyboard, script, produce and deploy videos that bring Lipscomb to life.


Pictures are windows. A camera lens captures what it feels like to look through a window into Lipscomb. Into a classroom or lab. Into an event. Into a global learning experience. Partnering with the Public Relations and Communications office, the University Marketing team can art direct and capture photography that shows audiences what Lipscomb looks like.

Vendor Management

We get by with help from our friends. Good vendor partnerships are a competitive advantage. The University Marketing team keeps strong relationships with several vendors that bring industry-specific expertise to marketing projects. When appropriate, we will collaborate with your department or office to involve vendors.