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The Career Development Center is proud to partner with you to turn our students and graduates into your future employees.

Lipscomb University is highly respected as an institution that prepares its students to think broadly and critically, bringing innovative solutions to current challenges in all fields. 

The Career Development Center teams up with employers to develop high-caliber graduates well equipped to transition from student to employee. Beyond technical training, our students demonstrate a deeper sense of purpose that translates to successful relationships and tenacious work ethic in your organization.

Prepare the future workforce

Employer interaction is built into our academic programs, ensuring that students are acquainted with their professional environments prior to day one. Our students are thoroughly prepared for the workforce through experience that employers like you can provide:


Students participate in college internships to gain relevant experience in their fields. Offering internships to students allows you to build a pipeline of future employees while training students to join the workforce. If you are interested in advertising your internship opportunities, contact ____

Mock Interviews

The interview is a student's key selling tool and an employer’s key discovery tool, yet many students have little experience with job interviews before graduating. We work to ensure both parties benefit by thoroughly preparing students for the interview process.  If you are interested in connecting with a particular major and providing feedback through practice interviews, email ____

Mentoring and Job Shadowing

Many outstanding students want to learn from professionals in their field who are willing to share their expertise either through a one-time shadowing or through a mentoring relationship. You are a valuable resource for many of the questions students face at this point in their lives.

Connect with students

Hiring employees through the Career Developments Center simplifies the recruiting and interviewing process for you by providing a wealth of qualified candidates. We can be your No. 1 resource for hiring future talent for your organization. Qualified Lipscomb students and alumni look to us for help connecting to employers. 

Advertise job opportunities 

Use the Handshake job posting platform to help Lipscomb students easily find your job opportunity. Post your listing at

Recruit on campus

Meet students from all departments by taking part in campus career fairs, networking events and interviews.

Sponsor Career Development Events

Make your brand recognizable to Lipscomb students and strengthen your connections with your future hires.