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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Academic Programs

Your next move begins here.

Wherever you are in your career, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offer unique undergraduate and graduate programs, each created to meet the needs of industries that are continually changing, and continually looking for day one ready employees.

Here you'll join a faith-based community with high expectations for academic excellence, both from our students and our faculty. As an undergraduate student, you'll receive real-world, hands-on experience that takes you beyond a classroom or a computer screen. As a graduate student, you'll join others in specially designed cohorts created for busy professionals who are already balancing work and family commitments.

We understand the challenges. We help hundreds of students who throughout the year meet them head on and succeed. They are ready, with a degree in their hands, to make an important next move in their lives and careers. Your next move is closer than you might think. Start it now.

Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

The three 2018 Ward Scholars are pictured here.

J.S. Ward Society

Imagine a society that reaches out to those reaching forward — that's the J.S. Ward Society. We're transforming today's students into tomorrow's leaders The Ward Society is comprised of a group of alumni and friends passionate about the health sciences at Lipscomb University. The Ward Scholarship, Lipscomb's most prestigious award given to a student planning a health science career, provides up to $10,000 annually toward student tuition.

About the Ward Society
A student gives a presentation on her findings during Student Scholars Symposium.

Student Scholars Symposium

This annual celebration of the creative and scholarly works of Lipscomb students is an interdisciplinary event representing the diversity of academia that makes up CLAS. We welcome presentations of empirical research of all types; readings/performances of original poetry, music, and theater; and exhibitions of artistic and scientific work.

About Student Scholars Symposium

Our Departments


Explore the bible through hands-on experience with ancient artifacts. An Archaeology degree will help reveal the context of the Bible and how the people of the biblical world lived through an examination of their material culture and related ancient artifacts and texts.

About Archaeology


Investigate the workings of the natural world, building a deeper understanding of life sciences and a deeper appreciation for the processes of life — and prepare for a career in biology or teaching, or further study in a graduate or professional school.

About Biology

Chemistry and Biochemistry

The sandwich you ate, the plastic bag you carried it in, your body’s ability to break down that turkey and Swiss —chemistry is behind it all. Our students consider the makeup of our everyday reality and l earn how we can all live better through chemistry.

About Chemistry and Biochemistry


Our new and evolving world of communication requires a degree program to prepare for careers which will take on new meaning and direction. We have the experiential learning, award-winning programs, state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty to help you take control and shape your future in communication.

About Communication

English and the Modern Languages

We teach undergraduates to read, think and write well, while looking deeper to construct complex documents and critically study diverse texts. As a result, our students graduate with excellent analytical and communications skills—highly sought in a wide range of professions. We help students communicate in other languages, know the literature, history and culture of English and other languages, and develop intellectual tools and an awareness of diversity they can use to continue learning about the world and their responsibilities in it.

About English and the Modern Languages

History, Politics and Philosophy

Gain context to everything we experience in life and better understand how culture, religion, business, politics, the economy and other factors shape the world around us. Dig in and explore your world with us.

About History, Politics and Philosophy


You already know the basics — now dig deeper to increase your literacy and competency for a career in the mathematical sciences, in teaching, for pre-professional training or for a technology profession that may not even exist today.

About Mathematics


Science and technology touches almost everyone in every part of the world. Study the laws of physics with a high regard for creation’s God-given wonder and complexity, which will launch you into engineering, biomedical physics, teaching and a range of other professions.

About Physics

Psychology, Counseling and Family Science

Understand yourself and others better in an appreciation of the origin, nature and process of individual differences from the psychological viewpoint, while preparing for entry in the job market, advanced graduate studies in psychology and greater service to your community. We prepare students for a range of professions that are all about better living — understanding family dynamics — with an overall focus on enhancing the lives of the individuals and families they serve.

About Psychology, Counseling and Family Science

Social Work and Sociology

From life’s beginning to its end, social workers touch the world. We prepare students to touch the world for God as competent, compassionate generalist social workers through interpersonal sensitivity, sacrificial service, academic excellence, professional passion and personal integrity

About Social Work and Sociology