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College of Business Academic Programs

Success is built on a solid foundation.



Lipscomb’s AACSB Accredited College of Business equips future business leaders with cutting-edge professional skills and a strong sense of integrity: together, these things carry our students in whatever career path they choose. Our program is stronger for this emphasis on ethical practice—in fact, it’s driving us to be one of Lipscomb’s leading colleges, producing more qualified business graduates each year. It’s the reason students want to join our program and the reason our graduates are sought after in businesses and corporations across the country.

Here, you'll be introduced to the foundational skills that will propel you to the forefront of technology, economics and business. You will learn from a growing faculty of lifelong learners and practitioners, not to mention a dean who tirelessly engages in student learning. You'll be part of a fully-accredited college and immersed in an environment of challenging and rigorous academic programs. For two years in a row, Bloomberg Businessweek has recognized our college among the top graduate and undergraduate business programs in the country.

At Lipscomb, our goal is to guide you in finding your place in an exciting career and to challenge you to consider the best of strategy and ethics in each and every demanding circumstance of business and life. It’s all about preparing you for a changing world, with a program that continues to change and evolve right along with the landscape of business— and a focus on values that informs the way we teach, learn and grow.

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