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5 Minute Film Festival

The 5 Minute Film Festival Awards Gala airs Friday, April 17th, on the CEA Studios YouTube page at 7 p.m.

About the 5 Minute Film Festival

Join us in 2023 for our 10 year anniversary of the 5MFF - 5 Minute Film Festival! This annual film competition for students of Lipscomb University occurs every April. Many students shoot projects specifically for the festival, while others do fantastic work through course assignments and decide to submit. The best part is students from all across the College of Entertainment & the Arts collaborate on these films; Actors join from theatre, music is composed by music students, graphic designers create posters, the fashion department is in charge of wardrobe and so much more.

Students begin thinking about submissions as early as the fall semester. Great art takes time. A deadline date, usually around the beginning of April, is announced with links to submit films. Late submissions are never accepted, so students work tirelessly to meet that midnight deadline!

Then, the films are sent to judges outside of the university who are professionals in the film, television and animation industries. They watch the films, fill out a judge’s form and submit them back to us, the faculty in Film & Animation. We add up the numbers and determine the winners based on those forms.

Behind the scenes, we are ordering trophies for the winners and planning an extraordinary evening of celebration and fun! Check out the images in the gallery. It’s our very own Golden Globes! Or Purple & Golden Globes for us.

Anyone with a ticket can attend the Gala, and any student at Lipscomb can make a film and submit it to 5MFF. There were 350 people in attendance at the April 2022 5MFF Gala. We hope you will be there in 2023 for our 10 year 5MFF anniversary!

5 Minute Film Festival Awards
Student presented with an award
President McQueen at the 5 Minute Film Festival
Steve Taylor and Mike Nawrocki present at the 5 Minute Film Fest
Student Claire Hopkins with award
Student takes the stage to receive award
Phynley Joel receiving award