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About the School of Computing


Thank you for including Lipscomb in your search for excellent academic preparation for a career in computing!  In the next few windows, you’ll see why we believe this is the best place in the area—and one of the best in the nation—from which to launch a promising career or to take it to a new level.

Steve Nordstrom, Associate Dean, College of Computing & Technology

Steve Nordstrom, Associate Dean, School of Computing

To begin, we’ve taken computing to a new level. The School of Computing (SoC) offers innovative and uniquely multi-disciplinary programs that prepare graduates for entrepreneurial, technical and executive leadership positions within industry or in graduate school.

In the School of Computing we go beyond academic rigor. We are intent on bringing our students collaborative partnerships with industry, business, government, schools and nonprofit organizations that provide invaluable, real-world learning experiences. This experiential commitment to learning also includes faculty who have, or are presently in, leadership technical positions and businesses. In short, when a student leaves here he or she is competent, confident and a decided asset to their future employers from day one.

Spend some time on this site. Take a look at our programs in computer science, software engineering, cybersecurity, information technology, and more. Discover how we can prepare you for one of this country's most in-demand and well-compensated professions. Learn how Lipscomb’s faith mission makes your learning here richer and more globally significant.

This is an exciting time to be in the SoC! Please feel free to contact me for more information about our programs. I also welcome your comments and suggestions as we move forward with our quest for better living through computing.

Steve Nordstrom
Associate Dean


The School of Computing at Lipscomb University strives to form the next generation of technology leaders by providing cutting edge training in software development and technology infrastructure from faculty who are intentional in developing students’ character.


Our vision for Lipscomb’s School of Computing is to be the nation’s best example of innovative technology education infused with strong, faith-based, character development. This distinctive emphasis on character development is a rare goal of academic computing programs and has the potential to unlock never before seen opportunities to enrich our students’ lives.

School of Computing