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College of Bible & Ministry Academic Programs

Ministry is changing. Join the conversation.

At Lipscomb, theology goes beyond the degree you earn. It's about the personal journey you take as you study scripture, church history, Christian thought and spiritual disciplines. The academic subject matter you explore will shape the way you pursue ministry, both in and outside of a church. Challenge and strengthen the way you understand God, the Bible, and our charge as Christians in a broken world.

Our coursework centers around four main areas: scripture, spiritual formation, missional perspective and contextual ministry. Prepare for ministry based on a strong foundation of scripture and an understanding of the church’s history of interaction with culture. Explore the wisest and most faithful ways to engage the contemporary world with the gospel. Learn the habits and practices that deepen and sustain your relationship with God through the demands of ministry, as well as how these practices are tools in a missional context as you lead others.

Seek with us as together, we ask hard questions and grow in discipleship. Nurture your formation in Christ, immerse yourself in Biblical studies, and hone your leadership skills along the way through valuable engagement experiences. You’ll be stretched here to explore theology deeply and will emerge stronger in your faith and equipped to walk alongside others.

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