Institute for Christian Spirituality

The Institute for Christian Spirituality (ICS) nurtures the discipleship of Christ followers by cultivating a deeper awareness of and participation in the Holy Spirit’s redemptive activity among us, within us, and through us in the world. We pursue this mission by exploring spiritually forming practices and facilitating the journey with others through spiritual friendships and spiritual direction.


In March 2010, Lipscomb opened the Institute for Christian Spirituality, bringing together several seasoned spiritual formation programs with added programming for nurturing intentional personal spirituality and discipleship through study, seminars and conferences. The institute’s goal is to help students and the greater community understand, enrich and share their experience with God.

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Institute for Christian Spirtuality


The annual Nurture conference invites in nationally recognized leaders in Christian spirituality special event featuring keynote addresses, workshops, and a luncheon.  Previous speakers include Randy Harris, Gordon T. Smith, Glandion Carney, Gary Moon, Chris Webb, and John Ortberg. Join us for Nurture 2016.

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Enjoy various materials from past Nurture conferences.

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