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University Policies

Use the links below to find information on Lipscomb University's policies.

Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds

The Department of Education has provided funding to Lipscomb in response to the impacts of COVID.  Below are the required reports on the use of those funds.

CARES Act (HEERF I) Student Grant Report

CARES Act (HEERF I) Institutional Report

HEERF II Institutional Report March 31

HEERF II/III Institutional Report June 30

HEERF II Student Grant Report March 31

HEERF II/III Student Grant Report June 30

HEERF I/II/III Institutional Report September 30

HEERF II/III Student Grant Report September 30

HEERFI/II/III Institutional Report December 31

HEERF II/II Student Grant Report December 31

Licensure Information

Licensure Information Webpage

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Webpage

Title IX

Title IX Policy [PDF]

Title IX Webpage