Once a Bison, always a Bison. You may have left our campus, but our community is always here for you. Return for a game, network with your local alumni, mentor a current student—there are loads of ways for you to stay involved and active (which, you may recall, was true when you were a student, too).

National Alumni Association

Lipscomb Alumni Association

When you graduate from Lipscomb, you automatically become part of the Herd. But that doesn’t mean you get treated like just anyone. Our national alumni programs include special benefits and services, on campus and off, just for our alums. Finishing your degree is just the next stage of your lifelong relationship with Lipscomb.

MISSION: The Lipscomb University Alumni Association exists to foster and cultivate connectivity among alumni, students and friends by providing opportunities for them to engage with Lipscomb, as well as each other, for life.

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Signature Programs

While there are almost-daily opportunities to celebrate being a Bison, several marquee events round out a slate of alumni events. Every year, we host Homecoming for alumni to return to campus. The Lipscomb Honors awards program celebrates alumni who exemplify Lipscomb’s values in their personal and professional lives. Lipscomb LIVE—a partnership with admissions, church relations and the president’s office—hosts gatherings in different cities to highlight what’s happening at Lipscomb and to convey to the greater community the importance of spiritual formation. 

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Lifelong Learning & Travel

We know that no matter how far away or how long ago you were at Lipscomb, chances are you are still learning. A lot. And we continue to want to further your education—and your fun quotient at the same time!


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Get Involved

Sure, you have your Lipscomb degree and possibly more than one.  But when you left us, you took your alma mater’s reputation with you. Now every time we attract a great student, an alum’s accomplishment is publicized, you connect with other alums for social or business reasons, the value of that degree and reputation grows. Get involved…help us keep its value growing!


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Alumni Groups

We don’t like putting people in boxes, but we have a few groups that you need to know about. You might want to jump right in!


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Stay connected

Given how many different things our alums do and different countries they do it in, it can be a little tricky to keep track of all our Bisons. Handily, we have an alumni magazine, newsletters, and social media pages—and a dedicated alumni office team—to help you stay connected to your fellow alums and to the university. There are even some little fun things that will help you celebrate your Bison spirit, no matter where you roam!

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