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Lanier Center for Archaeology

Established in 2020, the Lanier Center for Archaeology brings globally recognized archaeology research and scholars to Lipscomb University.

The Lanier Center for Archaeology (LCA) houses the various research projects, museums and academic programs that contribute to archaeological research on the campus of Lipscomb University. The LCA is made up of faculty in the Department of Archaeology as well as other departments in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the Hazelip School of Theology. Its main purpose is to support archaeological research and field projects in the Ancient Near East.

Along with the Department of Archaeology, the Lanier Center for Archaeology was established in 2020 by the Board of Trustees of Lipscomb University and offers a M.A. degree in Archaeology and Biblical Studies and a Ph.D. in Archaeology. It was inaugurated as a research institution to support the excavations of Lipscomb University and as a center to introduce the field of biblical archaeology and the ancient near east to Middle Tennessee.

The archaeology program consists of three integrated programs: research, academia, and outreach.

  • Research: The Lanier Center for Archaeology and its faculty engage the disciplines of archaeology and biblical studies by conducting primary research and publishing the results of this research.
  • Academia: The M.A. and Ph.D. programs in archaeology are training the next generation of biblical archaeologists.
  • Outreach: The Lanier Center for Archaeology will share the results of its program through the publications of Lipscomb University, the Lanier museum, a newsletter and speaking engagements at churches and universities.
Kazahkstan excavation

Kazahkstan Excavation

Faculty & Staff