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Undergraduate Programs - Liberal Arts & Sciences

All Lipscomb undergraduates study the liberal arts to establish a broad base of knowledge.

You’ll cover history, writing, math, science, languages, and plenty more, all while considering how your faith intersects with what you’re learning. In your sophomore year, you’ll declare a major to explore your chosen discipline(s) in greater depth.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor

    With this degree you'll learn how to craft marketing plans that sell and create messaging that can positively affect attitudes and behaviors. You will learn how to create innovative branding and social messages along with parallel concepts such as branding, creative development, layout and copyright.

  • Bachelor of Arts
    American Studies

    Learn about where our country came from to get a sense of where it’s going. American studies is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to examine the history, culture and society of America by combining courses taken in a variety of fields including history, political science and literature.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Applied Mathematics

    Receive a thorough foundation of applied mathematics including an in-depth study of calculus concepts. Highly qualified professors will walk alongside you to ensure your comprehension along the way resulting in useful, practical knowledge.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

    Our experienced faculty will cultivate you in any facet of biochemistry that interests you: medical, industrial, governmental, educational and nonprofit sectors. You'll have a surplus of opportunities to serve, work, research and lead within our program.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

    Grow your working knowledge of biology through research experience in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Our faculty are world-class scientists who stay current in their field, and they craft learning around your passions.

  • Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Biomedical Physics

    As medicine and biology advance, so does physics. So let us prepare you with chances to join in research and laboratory opportunities alongside of our seasoned faculty to develop a firm foundation in physics, chemistry and biology.

  • Bachelor of Science
    Bioscience and Philosophy

    Dive into the deep ethical questions faced by health professionals as technological and medical advances change the field of bioscience. Make insightful philosophical contributions as you hone your skills in the sciences of biology and chemistry.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Chemistry and Applied Chemistry

    Learn from expert faculty within all three of our degrees: applied chemistry, chemistry teaching or professional chemistry. You’ll develop a holistic study of chemistry and then dive into your niche, with hands-on research experiences accompanying both. Our faith-based program will equip you to succeed in any aspect of the professional world of chemistry.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Criminal Justice

    Within our restorative criminal justice major, you'll study criminal justice practices rather than law enforcement implementation. You'll analyze social and psychological theories of crime and society as well as holistic approaches to achieving accountability and healing relationships.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor

    Explore the complex and compelling relationships among languages, literature and cultures. A highly personalized academic experience will allow you to cultivate an area of expertise: choose a writing, teaching or literary track.

  • Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Environmental and Sustainability Science

    Grow in a holistic approach to stewarding creation and people. We'll teach you modern sustainability's core principles. Let us teach you about people, society and economic prosperity with social purpose.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Family Science

    Obtain an education that ties seamlessly into your career goals by becoming an expert in one of our four concentrations. Be a part of serving, healing and preserving family systems as you study lifespan development and relational dynamics. Our Christian mission serves as the foundation for how we teach and serve.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor

    You’ll enrich your cultural competencies, engage your critical thinking, sharpen your oral and written communication skills, and expand your knowledge about different ways of thinking. The cross-cultural mindset you’ll gain will carry you a long way — quite literally.

  • Bachelor of Science
    Health and Physical Education

    Let us further develop your passion for education and health so you can be a catalyst of the younger generation’s future success. Our expert faculty will train you to develop both physical activity and health curricula programs giving you a sought-after holistic approach to health and physical education.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor

    Hone valuable, transferable skills like careful reading, persuasive writing and critical thinking. Examine human behavior and learn to understand the world around you through the lens of different cultural perspectives and ethical values. Your studies will give you a deeper context for politics, religion and your own faith.

  • Bachelor of Arts
    International Affairs

    Make other cultures an integral part of your life. The experience you will gain from the incorporated 12 Global Learning credits will be a reference point for future classroom discussion and work.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor
    Journalism and New Media

    Perhaps more than ever, there’s a need for reliable news sources throughout our world. Alongside of our seasoned faculty, you will learn how to create documentaries and videos, produce interactive media content, and write in captivating ways - all to become an elite and adaptable professional.

  • Bachelor of Science
    Math Education

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

    Your options are endless: statistics, calculus, geometry, abstract algebra, topology, differential equations and many more! The problem-solving skills you finesse will apply far beyond just equations. Dig deeper into the incredible body of knowledge that constitutes mathematics by earning your degree in the field.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science
    Molecular Biology

    Lipscomb Biology has been a leader in undergraduate research for decades and with guidance from our expert faculty, you'll take advantage of rich opportunities to investigate the molecular basis for life. Our labs are well equipped with some of the latest technologies to aid in all facets of molecular research. We will help you prepare for a career in the research sciences, whether it be clinical, biomolecular sciences, or further education. Experiencing research as an undergraduate student will set you apart as you apply for Medical School, PhD Programs, Professional schools, or as you start your career. Our award-winning faculty and world-respected biomedical research scientists will mentor you along the way.

  • Bachelor of Science

    Learn cellular, molecular and anatomical aspects of neurobiology while also gaining insight into the influence of this biology on behavior. Prepared for a health care career, graduate programs in psychology, behavioral science and neuropsychology, or laboratory research.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

    We follow the time-honored, Socratic method of pursuing truth — and doing so in dialogue with the Christian intellectual tradition. We approach the study of philosophy by wrestling with ideas in civil debate with one another and studying the works of the greatest minds in Western history.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

    Study some of the physical world’s most inscrutable mysteries and examine the laws of motion and energy inherent in everything we do. Investigate the principles of physics with a high regard for creation’s God-given wonder, complexity, and amazing power.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor
    Political Science

    We can help you learn the practice of politics — whether that’s in search of security, advantage or justice. With historical, quantitative and philosophical approaches you will become well-versed in the process, rules and outcomes of politics.

  • Pre-Dentistry

    Behind the teeth, gums and all of the mouth’s other elements is a great deal of science. In this pre-dentistry track, you’re ensured to gain a holistic study of all scientific principles: biology, chemistry and physics. Even more, you’ll gain hands-on experiences and networking opportunities outside of the classroom.

  • Pre-Law

    Let us train you to think critically, seek justice and to do so in advantageous ways. Our faculty will introduce you to the wide array of platforms where you can practice your passion for law and you’ll be connected with local lawmakers, attorneys and legal advisors who will provide real-time situations for you to grapple with.

  • Pre-Medicine

    The demand for ethical, brilliant physicians is always high. Our distinguished faculty will guide you through rigorous coursework in the specifics of biology, chemistry and physics. You’ll have access to state-of-the-art labs and research opportunities, giving you a sneak peak into the world of medical school.

  • Pre-Occupational Therapy

    Develop and carry out plans for patients recovering from illness and injury. Work alongside of clients to improve and maintain their functionality for everyday tasks. With your Pre-Occupational Therapy focus, you will be given opportunities to assess, analyze and create strategies for improvement in a variety of patients.

  • Pre-Optometry

    Lay the groundwork you’ll need to eventually correct vision challenges and diagnose ocular diseases. Now is the time to learn about the patterns and behaviors of eyes and the muscles behind them. With extensive academic training and real-time networking opportunities, you’ll gain a full grasp of where your interests lie.

  • Pre-Physical Therapy

    Let us prepare you to deliver proper care regarding all types of physical injuries. Within Pre-Physical Therapy, you will begin with a foundational knowledge of relevant sciences — biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and kinesiology. Even more, our faculty will assure that you have all the necessary requirements for your future professional school of choice.

  • Pre-Physician Assistant

    The foundation that is laid will later allow you to create treatment plans, prescribe medications, provide health care services to a wide variety of patients, diagnose illnesses and even research complex diseases. Choose the Pre-Physician Assistant focus and we’ll make sure you’re fully equipped in every aspect.

  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine

    You already understand the great responsibility it is to care for animals, so let us provide you with the tools to live this out. You’ll gain an extensive foundation in the sciences and math, and our faculty will ensure you gain real-time experience with practicing professionals in your field.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

    We know psychology has practical application in every facet of life. And, it provides a strong foundation for many career paths. In order to be fully equipped for your career goals, our broad curriculum allows you to explore your personal interests and take advantage of research and internship opportunities.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor
    Public Relations

    We teach both the tools and the skills that help stories find their target audience. Grow your digital communication knowledge with up-to-date and relevant media approaches. Interact with real clients, serve their public relations needs, and learn to be an adaptable professional in an ever-changing field.

  • Bachelor of Social Work
    Social Work, B.S.W.

    Whether you want to work in mental health, foster care and adoption, crisis intervention, health care, a school or other sectors, you'll receive the training you need to succeed. Our classrooms hold state-of-the-art technology that will prepare you for your 500 hours of supervised field practicum work and future career.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor

    As the ability to converse in Spanish is increasing in importance in the U.S. and worldwide, it's no secret that with a background in this language, you'll be better equipped for your profession. Our Spanish Teaching degree combines a respected education program and studies in language, geography and literature.

  • Bachelor of Arts
    Sports Media

    Join the exciting world of sports, a multi-billion-dollar industry that entertains audiences around the world. Cover high school sports for local news media, collegiate and professional teams at the regional or national level, or work on behalf of these teams and athletes to build relationships with media members and coordinate dissemination of information to journalists and other news media.

  • Minor
    Biblical Archaeology

    In this exciting program of biblical studies and archaeology, you will be introduced to the major finds of biblical archaeology as well as how archaeology is conducted with the latest methods and practices. You will also learn how to reveal the context of the Bible and how the people of the biblical world lived through an examination of their material culture and related ancient artifacts and texts.

  • Minor

    Develop your knack for leadership and athletics into a career. You’ll gain expertise in both the physiological and psychological aspects of coaching including the crucial topics such as first aid and emergency care, prevention of athletic injuries and sociology of sport.

  • Minor

    The decisions we make both professionally and personally are fueled by internal beliefs. But professionals who understand these principles are more qualified to plan, predict and adapt to the situations around them. You will learn the history, trends and current professional applications of philosophy and ethical ideas.

  • Minor
    Event Planning (Minor)

    Forming relationships with clients, working with vendors, managing people, displaying best-practice etiquette and an attention to detail all fall within an event coordinator’s role. Within our curriculum, you’ll be able to tackle all of the logistics with ease and reach a variety of audiences effectively.

  • Minor
    Family Studies

    Understanding family history gives great insight and explanation to current attitudes and behaviors. Our experienced faculty will guide you in a holistic study of family’s influence, from infancy to old age. Your courses will include topics such as marriage, family problems and aging — all including real-time situations and collaborative conversations.

  • Minor

    Alongside our experienced faculty, you'll interact with important figures in German life, from business and politics to the music industry, international relations and education. The global learning experience you receive here will provide you the confidence you need as a K-12 teacher or a business professional.

  • Minor
    International Studies

    Let us prepare you to take your profession abroad. Enhance your linguistic skills, dive into history and foundations, and understand current international systems and politics. You’ll get to choose your desired language and applicable courses.

  • Minor
    Public Policy

    Whatever industry or field you find yourself in, public policy plays a part within it. Let us help you understand the principles upon which all social laws are based. Topics include policy making, budgeting, Congress and the courts, policy issues and policy analysis.

  • Minor
    Social Justice

    The social welfare of societies, communities, workplaces and families must remain a strong priority. And people like you are needed to analyze, advocate and address the programs in place. You’ll gain knowledge of different society groups and their needs — race and ethnic groups, the aging population and child welfare.

  • Minor

    Make sense of social interactions. Decipher everyday culture and how it came about. Overall, comprehend human activity. You will gain exposure to family dynamics, race and ethnic groups, child welfare, juvenile justice and aging services.