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Graduate Programs: Liberal Arts & Sciences

Perhaps you just want to advance in the career you have. Or maybe you're looking for something different and want to totally change your career direction.

Wherever you are and in whatever field, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offer some of the most unique master's programs in the area, each created to meet the needs of industries that are continually changing, and continually looking for day-one-ready employees.

At Lipscomb, you'll join a faith-based community with high expectations for academic excellence, both from our students and our faculty. You'll receive real-world, hands-on experience that takes you beyond a classroom or a computer screen. And you'll join others in specially designed cohorts created for busy professionals who are already balancing work and family commitments.

We understand the challenges. But we see hundreds of students who throughout the year meet them head-on and succeed. They are ready, with a master's degree in their hands, to make an important next move in their lives and careers. Your next move is closer than you might think. Start it now at Lipscomb.

  • Master of Arts, Certificate
    Advertising—M.A. & Graduate Certificate

    Master theory and best practices in advertising for successful application in your work. Gain insight into how professional advertising fits in the contemporary communication setting.

  • Master of Arts
    Archaeology and Biblical Studies

    Prepare for a terminal degree that leads to a career in archaeology. Acquire skills and engage in professional experiences that will equip you to practice archaeology in the field or to teach in a humanities-based discipline.

  • Master of Science
    Biomolecular Science

    Extensive research opportunities and hands-on experiences in this program are bound to make you stand out in your career in medicine, research or forensic science. Significantly develop your skills and strengthen your application into the allied health professions with the help of proven faculty and dedicated mentors.

  • Master of Science
    Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    Learn how to touch lives in meaningful ways that only a trained counselor can. With curriculum built around licensure expectations and a 100 percent pass rate, you'll be prepared to excel.

  • Certificate
    Communication Graduate Certificates

    As the modern technological revolution continues to reshape how we communicate, you need essential knowledge and skills to build a meaningful career in this dynamic environment. Communication is at the heart of human interaction, and the foundation of effective communication is persuasion, influencing the attitudes, beliefs, values, opinions and behaviors of targeted audiences.

  • Master of Arts, Certificate
    Health Communication—M.A. & Graduate Certificates

    Health communication is an area of study that examines how different communication methods, strategies and tactics can increase health literacy, motivate healthier behaviors and enhance provider-patient relationships. Earn a master's degree or choose from four graduate certificates in Health Care Communication, Public Health Communication, Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication, and Intercultural Communication.

  • Master of Marriage and Family Therapy
    Marriage and Family Therapy

    Your rigorous training to become a caring and compassionate therapist will prepare you to serve individuals overcoming their mental health challenges, help couples restore a thriving relationship, and lead families to create healthy and effective family processes.

  • Master of Science
    Master of Science (M.S.) in Psychology

    Build your identity as a psychological researcher. Mature as a professional while crafting a thesis project that deepens your knowledge and feeds your passions. Whether a prestigious Ph.D. program or a career in the mental health field is in your future, you will be prepared.

  • Ph.D. in Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

    Earn a terminal degree that will give you the necessary experience and credentials to practice archaeology in the field or teach at the highest levels of academia.

  • Master of Arts, Certificate
    Public Relations—M.A. & Graduate Certificate

    Gain insight into how public relations fits in the contemporary communication setting, ethical frameworks, international communication in a globalized economy and cross-culturally diverse world, and explore key components shaping the current models and practices of public relations.