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Lipscomb Health Faculty

Lipscomb Health encompasses the university’s health care programs, partnerships and initiatives to equip students for a lifetime of professional practice marked by compassionate care. We achieve this initiative through accomplished professionals with years of experience in research, medicine, higher education and more. Our faculty is made up of leaders across many disciplines within the health sciences. Supported by dedicated staff, Lipscomb Health faculty prepares students for careers as health professionals and shapes the future of health care. Learn more about our faculty and staff below.

Cardiovascular Perfusion

David Webb headshot
David Webb
Program Director
Ed Evans headshot
Ed Evans
Clinical Liaison
Lipscomb Featured Faculty
Holly Beth Singleton
Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment
Nicole Smith headshot
Nicole Smith
Manager, Student Affairs - Cardiovascular Perfusion


Ruth Henry headshot
Ruth Henry
Adjunct Faculty
David Bender headshot
David Bender
Financial Aid Loan Coord
Rebecca Claypool headshot
Rebecca Claypool
Assistant Professor
Kent Johnson headshot
Kent Johnson
Professor, Exercise Science Program Director
Laurel Littlefield headshot
Laurel Littlefield
Associate Professor
Andrew Mauldin headshot
Andrew Mauldin
Assistant Professor
Linda Price headshot
Linda Price
Program Coordinator, Kinesiology
Matthew Ruiz headshot
Matthew Ruiz
Director of Exercise and Human Performance Program


Chelsia Harris headshot
Chelsia Harris
Executive Director, Nursing
Christine Deere headshot
Christine Deere
Professor of Practice Nursing
Jenny Gardner headshot
Jenny Gardner
Program Coordinator
Sarah Brewer headshot
Sarah Brewer
Assistant Professor
Mary Hesselrode headshot
Mary Hesselrode
Associate Executive Director for Academics
Jennifer Hicks headshot
Jennifer Hicks
Lori Kelly headshot
Lori Kelly
Assistant Professor
Kathryn Mick headshot
Kathryn Mick
Administrative Assistant
Roletha Pillow
Roletha Pillow
Associate Professor
Jenna Sissom headshot
Jenna Sissom
Assistant Professor
Kim Smith
Kim Smith
Coordinator of Operations
Jill Stafford headshot
Jill Stafford
Assistant Professor
Beth Twomey headshot
Beth Twomey
Assistant Professor
Katie Watson headshot
Katie Watson
Adjunct Faculty
Kathy Williams headshot
Kathy Williams
Assistant Professor
Carlie Woodroof headshot
Carlie Woodroof
Non-Teaching Instructor in Nursing


Autumn Marshall headshot
Autumn Marshall
Professor and Chair, Department of Nutrition
Nancy Hunt headshot
Nancy Hunt
Associate Professor
Anne Lowery headshot
Anne Lowery
Associate Professor
Tracy Noerper headshot
Tracy Noerper
Associate Professor
Linda Price headshot
Linda Price
Program Coordinator, Kinesiology
Ann Toy headshot
Ann Toy
Assistant Professor


Tom Campbell headshot
Tom Campbell
Dean, College of Pharmacy
Scott Akers headshot
Scott Akers
Executive Director , PSR & Associate Dean of Research
Beth Breeden headshot
Beth Breeden
Dana Bricker headshot
Dana Bricker
Experiential Education Coordinator
Lorie Browning headshot
Lorie Browning
Program Coordinator
Abbie Burka headshot
Abbie Burka
Associate Dean of Assessment
Sarah Collier headshot
Sarah Collier
Assistant Professor
Zac Cox headshot
Zac Cox
Rachel Crouch headshot
Rachel Crouch
Associate Professor
Jay Dorris headshot
Jay Dorris
Assistant Professor
Kevin Eidson headshot
Kevin Eidson
Director of Health & Wellness
Chad Gentry headshot
Chad Gentry
Associate Dean Experiential Education Pharmacy
Sarah Graff headshot
Sarah Graff
Assistant Professor
Ben Gross headshot
Ben Gross
Department Chair, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Susan Hamblin's Biography
Susan Hamblin
Assistant Professor
Randy Jerkins headshot
Randy Jerkins
Assistant Professor
Justin Kirby headshot
Justin Kirby
Associate Professor
Angie McGraw headshot
Angie Maynard
Assistant Professor
Melinda McCormac headshot
Melinda Mccormac
Laboratory Manager
Lindsey Gorrell headshot
Lindsey Miller
Associate Professor
Kam Nola headshot
Kam Nola
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Rebekah Osteen headshot
Rebekah Osteen
Associate Director of Graduate Enrollment
Jon Pouliot headshot
Jon Pouliot
Associate Professor
Allison Provine headshot
Allison Johnston
Associate Professor
Ginger Saunders headshot
Ginger Saunders
Coordinator of Admissions and Student Affairs
Jimmy Torr headshot
Jimmy Torr
Associate Professor
Sarah Uroza headshot
Sarah Uroza
Associate Professor
Matt Vergne headshot
Matt Vergne
Associate Professor
Jessica Wallace headshot
Jessica Wallace
Associate Professor
Laura Ward headshot
Laura Ward
Director of Admissions & Student Affairs
Kerri Williams headshot
Kerri Williams
Experiential Education Coordinator
Greg Young headshot
Greg Young
Assistant Professor

Physician Assistant

Jason Huddleston headshot
Jason Huddleston
Associate Dean
Wade Denney headshot
Wade Denney
Medical Director
Linda Elrod headshot
Linda Elrod
Associate Professor
Aven Humphreys headshot
Aven Humphreys
Director of Student Affairs
Lizzie Monroe headshot
Lizzie Monroe
Principal Faculty
Casie Ramierz headshot
Casie Sanders-Ramirez
Assistant Professor
Matt Steidl headshot
Matt Steidl
Associate Professor
Nancy Stephen headshot
Nancy Stephen
Manager of Operations - Physician Assistant Studies
Byron Turkett headshot
Byron Turkett
Director of Clinical Education - PA Program
Cindy Wingert headshot
Cindy Wingert
Associate Professor
Abbey Wu headshot
Abbey Wu
Assistant Professor
Victoria Hindman headshot
Victoria Hindman
Adminstrative Assistant

Office of the Vice Provost for Health Affairs

Jaimie Beth Colvin headshot
Jaimie Beth Colvin
Health Sciences Librarian
Sandra Hood headshot
Sandra Hood
Russ Sturgeon headshot
Russ Sturgeon
Advancement Services Data Coordinator