Pharmacy Admissions

The College of Pharmacy utilizes a rolling admissions process and a holistic application review to identify appropriate candidates for interviews and potential enrollment. The application opens in mid-July each year for enrollment in August of the following year. Application reviews and interviews are ongoing throughout the fall and spring semesters or until the class is full.  Applicants are encouraged to apply early!

We have removed the PCAT as a prerequisite. It is no longer required to be admitted to our program.

Understanding Holistic Application Reviews

Many factors are considered in the holistic review of the application, interview, and admissions process. They may include the following: academics, communication skills, letters of recommendation, problem solving skills, professionalism, work experience, degree earned, research, volunteerism, interview performance, attitude, timeliness, and other factors that help differentiate those applicants that possess the highest likelihood of succeeding as part of the health care team.  

Certain exceptions may be granted on an individual basis concerning admission requirements. No assurances or guarantees are given or implied based on the completion of the prerequisites or achieving a high level of academic performance.

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