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College of Pharmacy

100% Job Placement for Licensed Graduates.

Being a part of another person’s care and health is quite a responsibility. That’s why our experienced faculty will holistically prepare you to take on that responsibility — academically, professionally and personally. We’ll equip you to be a lifelong expert in the safe and effective use of medicines and to be a respected member of health care teams alongside physicians, nurses and others. It’s also why our challenging curriculum is filled with important ethical and relevant discussions. Rooted in the Christian faith, we are committed to developing pharmacists who not only know how to execute in their field but see a deeper level of caring as essential to their work and the communities they serve.
Student pharmacist hands-on learning.


Make a meaningful impact on the patients and community you serve, equipped to lead with innovation, compassion, and extensive knowledge in the field of pharmacy.

Our Pre-Pharmacy Program
Student pharmacist hands-on learning.

Graduate Programs

You have many choices in pharmacy education. But not all of them offer the same opportunities. Make sure your final choice is one that will prepare you to be the pharmacist you truly want to be.

Our Graduate Programs

Job placement rate

Pharmacy Student

Doctor of Pharmacy

Our Doctor of Pharmacy degree is a demanding, full-time, four-year course of study that adheres to the highest professional standards, while providing an educational foundation for a career in one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. The program includes three years of integrated scientific and clinical coursework along with introductory practice experiences followed by a year of advanced practices. Or maximize your time, money and effort by choosing one of our two dual degree programs. In addition to the typical Fall semester start, Lipscomb offers a Spring start (January) to provide a year-round option for those desiring to complete their degree in 3.5 years.

About Our PharmD
Nashville skyline at dusk

Get your Pharm.D. or Health Care Informatics degree in the health care capital

By obtaining your master's degree or certificate in health care informatics (HCI) or Doctor of Pharmacy degree, you can meet the growing demands of this industry. According to the Nashville Chamber of Commerce half of the US population lives within 650 miles of our city. Health care contributes $38.8 billion annually to Nashville’s economy with the more than 250 diverse health companies headquartered in the city. Simply put, we have choices here that ensure your pharmacy practice experiences are more diverse, of higher quality and cover a large expanse of the industry.

Our Academic Programs

NAPLEX 6 year pass rate


Residency Placement Rate--National Average 83%


Meet the key people that make up the College of Pharmacy.

  • Tom Campbell headshot

    Tom Campbell

    Dean, College of Pharmacy

    Tom Campbell is the Dean and Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy in Nashville. Dr. Campbell received his Pharm.D. degree from the University of Tennessee...

    Meet Tom Campbell
  • Scott Akers headshot

    Scott Akers

    Executive Director , PSR & Associate Dean of Research

    Dr. Akers research expertise as a clinical pharmaceutical scientist over the past 25 years bridges the pre-clinical and clinical phases of small molecule drug development in the areas of pre-formulation...

    Meet Scott Akers
  • Beth Breeden headshot

    Beth Breeden


    Dr. Beth Breeden is an Associate Professor and Chair of Graduate Studies in Health Care Informatics at the Lipscomb University College of Health Sciences. She has more than 25 years...

    Meet Beth Breeden
  • Dana Bricker headshot

    Dana Bricker

    Experiential Education Coordinator

    Dana Bricker earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Lipscomb University in 1993 and currently works as an Administrative Assistant in the College of Pharmacy. ...

    Meet Dana Bricker
  • Lorie Browning headshot

    Lorie Browning

    Program Coordinator

    Browning received her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Lipscomb University in 1988. After graduation she worked at the Susan Gray School for Children at Vanderbilt University before moving...

    Meet Lorie Browning
  • Abbie Burka headshot

    Abbie Burka

    Associate Dean of Assessment

    Abbie Burka is an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Director of Interprofessional Education, where she coordinates opportunities for students in the health science programs to collaborate and learn together....

    Meet Abbie Burka
  • Sarah Collier headshot

    Sarah Collier

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Sarah P. Collier joined the Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy faculty as an Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Fall of 2018. Dr. Collier earned her Bachelor of...

    Meet Sarah Collier
  • Zac Cox headshot

    Zac Cox


    Zac Cox attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he studied pre-pharmacy. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of...

    Meet Zac Cox
  • Rachel Crouch headshot

    Rachel Crouch

    Associate Professor

    Crouch received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Biochemistry and Spanish from Lipscomb University in 2008 and her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy in...

    Meet Rachel Crouch
  • Jay Dorris headshot

    Jay Dorris

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Jay Dorris is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and joined the Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy faculty in 2023. He graduated with his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from...

    Meet Jay Dorris
  • Kevin Eidson headshot

    Kevin Eidson

    Director of Health & Wellness

    Eidson joined Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy as an assistant professor of pharmacy practice in August of 2010. He teaches Pharmacy Law and Ethics and assists with coordinating continuing educational...

    Meet Kevin Eidson
  • Chad Gentry headshot

    Chad Gentry

    Associate Dean Experiential Education Pharmacy

    Chad grew up in East Tennessee and attended the University of Tennessee Knoxville and received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center. He then...

    Meet Chad Gentry
  • Sarah Graff headshot

    Sarah Graff

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Sarah Graff graduated with a BS in Biology from the University of Kentucky before attending Vanderbilt University where she obtained her PhD in Molecular Physiology and Biophysics. Her PhD...

    Meet Sarah Graff
  • Ben Gross headshot

    Ben Gross

    Department Chair, College of Pharmacy

    Gross received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology at Murray State University and his Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Tennessee. Gross completed a specialty residency in...

    Meet Ben Gross
  • Dr. Susan Hamblin's Biography

    Susan Hamblin

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Hamblin has been practicing in clinical pharmacy with a focus in critical care/trauma for over 10 years. She graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy in 2007....

    Meet Susan Hamblin
  • Randy Jerkins headshot

    Randy Jerkins

    Assistant Professor

    Jerkins graduated from Lipscomb University with a degree in Biology. He received his Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy in 1985 and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 1986 from the...

    Meet Randy Jerkins
  • Justin Kirby headshot

    Justin Kirby

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Justin Kirby is a native of middle Tennessee having grown up in Lafayette before moving to Cookeville for college and, ultimately, to Nashville for pharmacy school. He remained in...

    Meet Justin Kirby
  • Angie McGraw headshot

    Angie Maynard

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Angie McGraw is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and joined the Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy faculty in 2020. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology...

    Meet Angie Maynard
  • Melinda McCormac headshot

    Melinda Mccormac

    Laboratory Manager

    Melinda McCormac is originally from Nashville. She earned her bachelor of science in biology from Lipscomb University. She went on to Vanderbilt University to complete her Medical Technologist certificate. She...

    Meet Melinda Mccormac
  • Lindsey Gorrell headshot

    Lindsey Miller

    Associate Professor

    Miller received her Bachelor of Science in Business degree from Eastern Illinois University followed by her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from West Virginia University School of Pharmacy. She then went...

    Meet Lindsey Miller
  • Kam Nola headshot

    Kam Nola

    Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

    Kam Nola received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University, Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy, and Masters of...

    Meet Kam Nola
  • Rebekah Osteen headshot

    Rebekah Osteen

    Associate Director of Graduate Enrollment

    Meet Rebekah Osteen
  • Jon Pouliot headshot

    Jon Pouliot

    Associate Professor

    Jon was born and raised in Rhode Island. After completing his undergraduate studies at Providence College, he moved to North Carolina for his graduate work, receiving a Doctor of Pharmacy...

    Meet Jon Pouliot
  • Allison Provine headshot

    Allison Johnston

    Associate Professor

    Allison Provine Johnston received her Bachelor of Science in Education and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from Samford University. She then went on to complete a pharmacy practice residency at Emory...

    Meet Allison Johnston
  • Ginger Saunders headshot

    Ginger Saunders

    Coordinator of Admissions and Student Affairs

    Saunders earned a degree in Psychology from Lipscomb University in 1979. She started with the College of Pharmacy in May of 2008 as the Administrative Assistant to the Dean of...

    Meet Ginger Saunders
  • Jimmy Torr headshot

    Jimmy Torr

    Associate Professor

    Torr completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Accounting from Lipscomb University in 2001 and his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy...

    Meet Jimmy Torr
  • Sarah Uroza headshot

    Sarah Uroza

    Associate Professor

    Sarah is a native of Arkansas. She completed her pre-pharmacy work at the University of Central Arkansas and completed her Doctorate of Pharmacy at the University of Arkansas for Medical...

    Meet Sarah Uroza
  • Matt Vergne headshot

    Matt Vergne

    Associate Professor

    Matt Vergne joined the Lipscomb College of Pharmacy in 2013. Dr. Vergne earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Harding University, and he earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry...

    Meet Matt Vergne
  • Jessica Wallace headshot

    Jessica Wallace

    Associate Professor

    Jessica Wallace received her Bachelor of Science degree from Middle Tennessee State University followed by her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy. She completed a...

    Meet Jessica Wallace
  • Laura Ward headshot

    Laura Ward

    Director of Admissions & Student Affairs

    Laura Ward brings 19 years of higher education experience in both undergraduate and graduate enrollment to the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs. Ward's career in higher education began...

    Meet Laura Ward
  • Kerri Williams headshot

    Kerri Williams

    Experiential Education Coordinator

    Kerri Williams earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education at Lipscomb University. Williams went on the earn a Paralegal Degree at Southeastern Paralegal Institute. ...

    Meet Kerri Williams
  • Greg Young headshot

    Greg Young

    Assistant Professor

    Prior to joining the faculty at Lipscomb University, Young served for six years as a Nuclear Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager for Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmacy Services. He previously served as...

    Meet Greg Young

Off-Script: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the College of Pharmacy

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You have many choices in pharmacy education. But not all of them offer the same opportunities. As the June 1 PharmCAS application deadline approaches, learn what sets a Lipscomb Pharm.D. degree apart from the rest and determine if it is the right fit for you. According to our students and alumni, a...

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An Admissions Update From The Admissions Coordinator

As most of you know, the last couple of years have been… different. We’ve heard the word ‘unprecedented’ more often than we would ever care to hear it. COVID-19 affected almost every facet of society, including colleges of pharmacy. After nearly two full years, the CDC has ended the nationwide...

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Who's Who In the College of Pharmacy: Dr. McGraw

How were you introduced to pharmacy? I started as a technician at Walgreens. The manager of the pharmacy at the time was Dr. Katrina R. Bell. I walked up to the counter and asked her if she would hire me because I wanted to be a pharmacist. The rest is history. How...

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Pre-Pharmacy Program

As a Lipscomb pre-pharmacy student, you’ll have access to our experienced faculty and student pharmacists who are already on their journey. You’ll receive personalized, step-by-step guidance on the application process and pharmacy career pathways. You’ll develop advanced critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, ensuring you are well-prepared to continue your education in the multifaceted field of pharmacy.

Graduate Programs

Lipscomb University has a storied tradition in forging students to be leaders in multiple careers and, most importantly, a proven background in preparing students for a life of service. The College of Pharmacy shares that same vision and commitment as it expands that legacy and tradition of excellence to the field of pharmacy education. With our full-time, four-year Doctor of Pharmacy degree, you’ll have the skillset to stand out. With a 75-student cohort, dedicated faculty and curriculum that adheres to the highest professional standards, we’ll give you an educational foundation for a career in one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of pharmacists is expected to increase by 25 percent from 2013 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations. Or save some time, money and effort by enrolling in one of our three dual degree offerings including our Pharm.D./MHCI, Pharm.D./MMHC or Pharm.D./Ph.D. Partnership with the Pharmacology Graduate Program at Vanderbilt University.