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Program Overview

Program Overview

There's no better place to reach your potential as a physician assistant than in Nashville, the health care industry capital of the U.S. Let us help you prepare for a career of service; use our small class sizes to your advantage. Learn from veteran faculty in our state-of-the-art facilities. Get to know the health care community around you and gain experience in area hospitals and labs. After all, classroom learning is not all you'll need — nor all you'll receive. 

Faith is an important infusion to learning here: in ethics, mentoring, the clinical experience or servanthood. Our PA program will serve your spiritual and vocational goals, as you train to serve others.

And once you graduate, you'll join your peers — who all got the job they wanted in a field with a national 99.4 percent job placement rate.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements

Requirements Overview

Admission Process



The following courses of study are designed to prepare a student for the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies degree at Lipscomb University.

Semester I

  • PA 5012 - Introduction to PA Practice and Health Care
  • PA 5065 - Human Anatomy
  • PA 5104 - Physiology & Pathophysiology I
  • PA 5022 - Ethics in Health Care
  • PA 5033 - Medical Communications
  • PA 5042 - Biostatistics and Evidence Based Medicine

Semester II

  • PA 5204 - Physiology & Pathophysiology II
  • PA 5156 - Clinical Medicine I
  • PA 5114 - Pharmacology & Medical Therapeutics I
  • PA 5262 - Clinical Assessment I
  • PA 5272 - Laboratory and Diagnostic Methods I

Semester III

  • PA 5303 - Physiology & Pathophysiology III
  • PA 5256 - Clinical Medicine II
  • PA 5214 - Pharmacology & Medical Therapeutics II
  • PA 5523 - Introduction to Women's Health
  • PA 5502 - Introduction to Behavioral and Mental Health
  • PA 5362 - Clinical Assessment II
  • PA 5281 - Laboratory and Diagnostic Methods II

Semester IV

  • PA 5356 - Clinical Medicine III
  • PA 5513 - Introduction to Surgery
  • PA 5533 - Introduction to Pediatrics
  • PA 5233 - Advanced Clinical Skills
  • PA 5543 - Introduction to Emergency Medicine

Semester V/VI/VII

  • PA 6001 - Professional Practicum
  • PA 6016 - Pediatrics
  • PA 6026 - Behavioral and Mental Health
  • PA 6036 - Women's Health
  • PA 6046 - Emergency Medicine
  • PA 6056 - Surgery
  • PA 6066 - Internal Medicine
  • PA 6076 - Family Medicine
  • PA 6A16 - Clinical Elective I
Tuition & Aid

Tuition & Aid

Tuition and Fees for 2021-22

  Tuition Fees1 Total
Semester 1 $15,250 $2,619 $17,869
Semester 2 $15,250 $1,829 $17,079
Semester 3 $15,250 $1,829 $17,079
Semester 4 $15,250 $2,024 $17,274
Semester 5 $15,250 $1,077 $16,327
Semester 6 $15,250 $1,077 $16,327
Semester 7 $15,250 $1,272 $16,522
Tuition and Fees Total     $118,477
Other Required Expenses2     $1,050
Total Cost3 $119,527

1 Student, lab, technology and graduation fees
2 This covers medical equipment ($700), screening (e.g., criminal background checks and urine drug screens-$200), and compliance monitoring fee ($150). As with other line items, cost may vary, particularly depending on the level or grade of medical equipment purchased.

3All amounts shown are estimates and subject to change.

Financial Aid


PANCE Pass Rate for the class of 2021


Both our deeply connected faculty and our experiential learning opportunities offer myriad ways for you to form relationships with leaders in the industry. These connections will serve and support you throughout your career.

Research Opportunities

We know that you want to be an innovator in the field. That’s why we offer unique research opportunities in our state-of-the-art facilities with our world-class faculty so that you can hone your expertise.


A big city. An even bigger opportunity. We consider Nashville an extension of our classroom, and as a leading city in many industries, that means you’ll gain experience and insight you won’t find anywhere else.


National job placement rate

Our Faculty

  • Jason Huddleston headshot

    Jason Huddleston

    Program Director

    Jason H. Huddleston is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Physician Assistant Studies program. Dr. Huddleston holds a Doctor of Medical Science degree from the University of Lynchburg...

    Meet Jason Huddleston
  • Matt Steidl headshot

    Matt Steidl

    Assistant Professor

    Matt ('00) met his wife Erin (Tews '99) at Lipscomb as an undergraduate. He and Erin have three daughters. He worked as a software engineer for Lockheed Martin on the...

    Meet Matt Steidl
  • Wade Denney headshot

    Wade Denney

    Medical Director

    Dr. Denney returned to Lipscomb to join the faculty of the School of Physician Assistant Studies as Medical Director and Adjunct Professor of Medicine in 2020. He obtained his undergraduate...

    Meet Wade Denney
  • Linda Elrod headshot

    Linda Elrod

    Assistant Professor

    Elrod ('77), assistant professor of physician assistant studies, holds a Master of Science in Medicine from Trevecca Nazarene University and is a Physician Assistant-Certified (PA-C). She has eight years...

    Meet Linda Elrod
  • Terri Jerkins headshot

    Terri Jerkins

    Assistant Professor School of Physician Assistant Studies

    Jerkins is an assistant professor for the School of Physician Assistant Studies. Jerkins received her Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis, Tenn. She...

    Meet Terri Jerkins
  • Casie Ramierz headshot

    Casie Ramirez

    Director of Clinical Education - PA Program

    An Alabama native, Casie comes to us with nine years of experience as a physician assistant in various clinical settings. She obtained her MS in Physician Assistant Studies from the...

    Meet Casie Ramirez
  • Lauren Webb headshot

    Lauren Webb

    Assistant Professor

    Lauren was raised in Alabama, eventually leading her to Auburn University where she earned a degree in Biomedical Sciences. Following undergrad, she then attended the Mississippi College Physician Assistant program,...

    Meet Lauren Webb
  • Cindy Wingert headshot

    Cindy Wingert

    Assistant Professor

    With over 17 years of teaching experience, Cindy comes to Lipscomb University from The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Cindy's primary area of interest is teaching human gross anatomy; however,...

    Meet Cindy Wingert
  • Geoffrey Wright headshot

    Geoff Wright

    Assistant Professor

    Geoff Wright, Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies, joined Lipscomb's PA program in the summer of 2020. Prior to Lipscomb, Wright, a certified PA, spent three years as a hospitalist...

    Meet Geoff Wright

Career Paths

Physician Assistants

Physician assistants, also known as PAs, practice medicine on teams with physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare workers. They examine, diagnose, and treat patients.