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Health Care Careers

At Lipscomb, we train medical leaders. Nurses, Physician Assistants, Health Care Informatics Specialists and Pharmacists all launch their careers from our campus.

A passion for making the community a healthier place is key to being a successful health care professional. Whether you are seeking full or part-time work, hands-on patient care or behind the scenes data and research opportunities, a Pharm.D. from Lipscomb equips you to pursue a variety of job placements including

  • Hospital or Health System
  • Community Pharmacy 
  • Long-term Care 
  • Medical Science Liaison 
  • Industry or Business

Pharmacists serve alongside physicians, clinicians and other health care professionals as medication experts. They speak into complex medical cases, how drugs interact with one another and what medications are ideal for patients with specified symptoms. 

Learn about more pharmacy careers, opportunities and job placements through the exploration center below. 

Career Exploration Center

Hear from Dr. Tom Campbell, Dean of the College of Pharmacy

Your experiences might be a good fit for a Pharmacy career...

Answering Myths About Pharmacy

Do pharmacists only work in retail?

The fastest growing area of pharmacy practice is actually in hospitals and clinical settings. Where the degree offers a variety of career options and areas of focus, including retail, pharmacists can be found alongside physicians delivering hands-on patient care as the medication experts of the team.

Is a Pharm.D. a terminal degree?

Obtaining a Pharm.D. is the highest level of pharmacy education. After graduation, our students are experts in the field of pharmacy and have earned the maximum amount of education for this field. Lipscomb offers Pharm.D. students a Master's dual degree option as added value to their education.

Do I have to be a chemistry major?

Our students are not required to have a chemistry Bachelor's degree, nor do they need to be passionate about chemistry to thrive as a pharmacist. In fact, many of our current Pharm.D. students have an undergraduate degree in biology.

Pharmacy Career Outcomes

  • Average annual salary of $129,410*
  • 2 to 4% expected industry growth in the next 8 years*
  • 86% Residency Placement Rate (National Average 67%)

  • 100% job placement rate of Lipscomb Pharm.D. graduates

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022

Is Pharmacy right for you? 

Pharmacy is a versatile, highly-skilled profession with required skills that correlate with other pre-health science undergraduate majors and experiences. You're the right fit for Lipscomb's Pharm.D. program if you...

  • Desire to fulfill a health sciences degree in the health care capital - Nashville, TN
  • Want a program that will grow your professional network
  • Value ROI through Lipscomb's offering of certificates throughout the curriculum and dual degree options

Lipscomb's top-ranked Pharmacy program, with a 100% job placement rate, is looking for the next cohort of biology, chemistry or health sciences-minded students who are ready to fulfill their health care calling and serve their communities.

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