Education Faculty

Deborah Boyd, Dean and Director of Graduate Studies, Professor of Education

B.A., M.A., Ed.S. (Middle Tennessee State University), Ed.D. (Tennessee State University)

Dr. Boyd brings deep educational experience to Lipscomb, having served at the local, system and state level.  Her areas of interest include curriculum, assessment, educational leadership, and effective instruction. Her research interests include teachers of ELL students and teacher effectiveness.  Deborah and her husband Don have two daughters: Jennifer and Julie.

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Trace Hebert, Associate Dean, Director of Doctoral Program, Professor of Education

B.S. (Abilene Christian University), M.A. (University of Alabama), Ph.D. (Oakland University)

Dr. Hebert has experience working in a variety of administrative and academic positions in five different institutions of higher education at the director, dean, and vice president level. His primary field of study is in educational leadership.  Trace and his wife Holly have two sons: Christopher and Jack.

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Rachael Milligan, Assistant Dean, Managing Director of the Ayers Institute, Assistant Professor of Education

B.A. (Harding University), M.Ed. (Vanderbilt University), Ed.D (Lipscomb University)

Dr. Milligan brings a variety of educational experiences to Lipscomb, as she has worked as a house parent, a director of after-school programs, a social studies teacher, and a public school administrator.  Her interests include cognitive coaching, social studies education, rural education communities, and leadership.  Her passion is working as a thinking partner alongside teachers and leaders.  Rachael and her husband Matt have three children.

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Burton WilliamsBurton Williams, Assistant Dean

B.A., (Freed-Hardeman University), M.S. (College for Financial Planning), Ed.D. (Lipscomb University)

Dr. Williams has nearly two decades of experience working in development with a variety of institutions. His primary responsibility is in the area of external relations for the college. His field of study is in leadership and strategic change.  Burton and his wife Nicole have two children.

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BallewMistyMisty Vetter Parsley, Director of Special Education Programs, Associate Professor of Education

B.A. (Abilene Christian University), M.A. (University of Tennessee), Ed.D. (Nova Southeastern University)

Dr. Parsley has dedicated her career to students with disabilities serving as both an autism consultant and administrator in public schools. Her interests include autism, social skills development, and behavior management. Before coming to LU, she taught online graduate courses for Nova Southeastern University.

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Junior L. High, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor of Education 

B.A. (Lipscomb University), M.Ed. (Middle Tennessee State University), Ed.D. (Trevecca Nazarene University)

Dr. High had 31 years of experience as an elementary teacher and principal prior to coming to Lipscomb.  His primary interests include school leadership and providing students with valuable experiences in student teaching preparing them for the classroom of tomorrow. He and his wife Donna have three sons: Brent, Chad, and Lance.

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Megan Parker Peters, Director of Teacher Education and Assessment, Assistant Professor of Education

B.S. (Middle Tennessee State University), M.S. (University of Tennessee), Ph.D. (University of Tennessee)

Dr. Peters is a Licensed School Psychologist and Licensed Psychologist with research interests in assessment and the academic and social-emotional needs of intellectually gifted children.  Dr. Peters teaches Research in Classroom Practice, Human Development & Learning, Introduction to Educational Research. Before coming to Lipscomb, Dr. Peters served as the Assistant Director of Child and Family Services at Vanderbilt University's Programs for Talented Youth.

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Kristin Baese, Director of Instructional Practice Programs

B.A. (Lipscomb University), M.Ed. (Lipscomb University), Ed.D. (Vanderbilt University)

Kristin's four years of teaching experience have fueled her interest in and commitment to providing the best training for today's classroom teachers.  A graduate of Lipscomb's undergraduate and master's programs, Kristin began working in the College of Education in 2011. 

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Terry Sue Fanning, Director of M.Ed and Ed.S. Programs, Associate Professor of Education

A.S. (Motlow State Community College), B.S. (Middle Tennessee State University, M.Ed. (Middle Tennessee State University, Ed.S. (Middle Tennessee State University), Ed.D.(Lipscomb University)

Dr. Fanning's areas of expertise include instructional technology, instructional practices for K-12, professional learning, and STEM in early and middle grades.  Dr. Fanning has been working with the College of Education since June 2016.

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Lance Forman, Director of Educational Leadership, Assistant Professor of Education

B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. (Trevecca Nazarene University)

Dr. Forman's areas of expertise include school leadership, culture development, talent acquisition and retention; student achievement and professional learning communities. Prior to joining Lipscomb Dr. Forman served as a teacher, assistant principal and principal in Metro Nashville Public Schools.

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Debi Hoggatt, Assistant Director of Ed.D. program, Assistant Professor of Education

M.A. (Wayne State University), Ph.D. (Oakland University)

Dr. Hoggatt received her M.A. in human development and her Ph.D. in educational leadership.  She teaches EG 7133 Organizational Theory and Practice and EG 7203 Change Management and Organizational Assessment.

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Mike Hammond, Professor of EducationMike Hammond

B.A. (Lipscomb University),  M.S. (Middle Tennessee State University), Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University)

Dr. Hammond has worked in education for over 43 years including serving as an administrator at every level in both public and private schools in K-12 and Higher Education.  Dr. Hammond teaches Instructional Leadership, Law and Ethics in Leadership, School Resource Management, Leadership Behavior and Practice, Human Capital and Operations Management, Vision and Change in Leadership, and Crucial Communications. His research interests are examining mentoring and coaching strategies that impact teacher growth, improve retention of teachers, and enhance student achievement. He is also interested in leadership that builds collaborative cultures and promotes student success. He and his wife, Carol, have three sons, Paul, Jeff, and Craig, as well as a daughter, Beth, and eleven grandchildren.

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Keith Nikolaus, Professor of Education

B.A. (Lipscomb University), M.Ed., Ed.D. (Tennessee State University)

Dr. Nikolaus has varied K-12 experience as a 6th grade teacher, a curriculum director, a study skills instructor, and, most recently, the Director of David Lipscomb Campus School.  His primary educational interests include leadership studies, classroom management,  learning techniques, and 21st century educational innovation and policy development.  Keith and his wife Sharon have two children: Shannon and Ryan.

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Marcia Stewart, Professor of Education 

B.A. (Lipscomb University), M.Ed., Ed.D. (Vanderbilt University)

Dr. Stewart has taught students from preschool through fourth grade. She worked as a research assistant at Vanderbilt University, conducting research in Nashville elementary and middle schools.  Her professional interests include learning strategies, classroom applications of current brain research, and children’s literature. Marcia and her husband Doug have two children: Todd and Meredith.

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Dr. Roger Wiemers

Roger Wiemers, Professor of Education

B.A. (International Bible Seminary), M.Ed., Ed.D. (Tennessee State University)

Roger was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, but he has worked all across the U.S. and in several other countries.  He has taught at the graduate level for 15 years.  He is a Fulbright Senior Research Fellow and completed his assigned research in India (2007-2008).  He and his wife Paula have four children.

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Reva Chatman BuckelyReva Chatman-Buckley, Associate Professor of Education

B.S., M.Ed. (Tennessee State University), Ed.D. (Vanderbilt University)

A former Outstanding Graduate Student Researcher (AERA), Dr. Chatman-Buckley's area of expertise includes educational research, as well as research interests in teacher socialization and pre-service teacher education.  She has been with the College of Education since 2009.

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Jeanne Gilliam Fain, Lead Faculty for English Language Learning Program, Associate Professor of Education

B.S. (Grand Canyon University), M.Ed. (Arizona State University), Ph.D. (University of Arizona)

Dr. Fain's primary areas of interest include sociocultural perspectives of literacy, biliteracy, children's and family-led literature discussions, critical response to international children’s literature and global texts.  Dr. Fain's areas of expertise include literacy, literature discussion, integrating international literature and critical response into the curriculum, close reading, family literacy, and qualitative classroom-based research.

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Annette Little, Director of ABA Program, Associate Professor of Education

B.S. (U.T. Martin), M.A. (Austin Peay State University), Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University)

Dr. Little taught special education classes in residential treatment centers, public schools, and alternative schools for 8 years before moving into higher education. She then spent 4 years directing research projects in the areas of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, reading and writing strategies for students at risk for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, and prevention of behavior problems. Annette is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2007. Annette has taught classes in general education, special education, and applied behavior analysis in higher education institutes since 2005. She is currently serving as the director of the Studies in Applied Behavior Analysis certification program. Annette has two children, Joshua and Catherine.

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Brandon Banes, Assistant Professor

B.S. (Lipscomb University), M.S., Ph.D. (Middle Tennessee State University)

Dr. Banes is an Assistant Professor of mathematics and is also an instructor for the College of Education's math education program.  Dr. Banes has been with the Lipscomb College of Education as a full-time faculty member since Fall 2012. 

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Dr. Sarah Duncan

Sarah Duncan, Assistant Professor of Education

B.A. (Harding University), M.Ed., Ph.D. (University of Mississippi)

Dr. Duncan taught reading and language arts in Mississippi and also worked as an intervention coach before coming to Lipscomb.  She is a national board certified teacher.  Her research interests include: literacy, technology, and adolescent learners.  Sarah and her husband have a daughter and two small dogs.

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Robbie Hampton, Assistant Professor of Special Education

B.S. (Middle Tennessee State University), M.Ed. (Vanderbilt University), Ed.D. (Lipscomb University)

Dr. Hampton's previous experience includes serving as principal of Harris-Hilman School.  Dr. Hampton also serves as the Vice Chairperson for the Mayor's Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities. 

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Michelle Hasty, Lead Faculty for Collaborative and Professional Learning Program, Assistant Professor of Education

B.A. (Auburn University), M.Ed. (Vanderbilt University), Ph.D. (Middle Tennessee State University)

Dr. Hasty's research interests include written repsonse to text, literacy from a critical perspective, adolescent literacy, reading-writing connection and literacy and egagement.  Dr. Hasty joined the Lipscomb College of Education faculty full-time in Fall 2014. 

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Emily Medlock, Assistant Professor of Education

B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. (Lipscomb University)

Prior to joining the College of Education faculty, Dr. Medlock taught for 13 years in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. Dr. Medlock teaches several different courses including: Middle School Learning Strategies, Classroom Management and Middle School Education,and Math Methods. Emily and her husband Mike have two  children, Max and Maeleigh.

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Julie Simone, Instructor in Education and  Lead Faculty Liaison for Teach For America

B.S. (Vanderbilt University), M.Ed. (Vanderbilt University)

Ms. Simone is the Lead Faculty Liaison for Teach for America and also teaches Planning, Instruction & Assessment as well as Building Classroom Communities.  

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Ally Hauptman, Lead Faculty for Instructional Practice Program

B.S. (University of Missouri), M.Ed. (University of Arkansas), Ph.D. (University of Nebraska)

Dr. Ally Hauptman's primary research interests include reading motivation in upper elementary and middle grades and best practices in classroom instruction.  She joined the Lipscomb College of Education faculty full-time in Fall 2014. 

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