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College of Education Graduate Programs

Things move fast in today's classrooms and educators must be adaptable and flexible.

A master’s, education specialist and doctoral degree program prepares those who want to do more. Whether your focus is leadership, technology, or behavior analysis, you’ll be trained in the latest research-based techniques and gain the field experience to put them into practice.

Competitive Scholarships for Educators

As you give back to the community, Lipscomb University wants to give back to you.  The College of Education offers significant scholarship opportunities for all types of students. Learn more within each of our programs below.

  • Master of Science, Certificate
    Applied Behavior Analysis

    Behavior doesn’t have to be a barrier to success, and our experiential program equips professionals who understand this. Combining scientific methodology with personal investment, you will be well-prepared to effectively provide effective behavior solutions to clients in various industries.

  • Certificate
    Christian Educator Program Certificate

    Enhance your knowledge and teaching skills within Christian education through a Certificate in Christian Educator Training or teaching licensure. Learn in-person and online through a 12 or 18-credit hour course. Make a difference in the lives of your students.

  • Doctor of Education
    Doctor of Education

    Open the door of opportunity to a leadership position within a learning organization. Practical, collaborative doctoral research will be a common thread throughout your program along with studies in educational leadership, innovation and organizational change.

  • Master of Education, Education Specialist, Certificate
    Educational Leadership

    Shape the future of education and leave a large-scale impact on countless young lives. Learn from current practitioners who have a wide array of experiences as leaders in the field. Invest in your built-in educational mentorship and job-shadowing opportunities so that you too can be a formative professional.

  • Master of Education, Endorsement, Education Specialist, Certificate
    English Language Learning

    Learn how to best celebrate and serve the diversity within your classroom. Our program will prepare you to teach students from all linguistic and cultural backgrounds through research-based instructional practices. You will be a crucial part of these unique students’ educational success.

  • Master of Education, Endorsement, Education Specialist, Standard
    Gifted Education and Advanced Academics

    Elevate your teaching credentials with the state-approved employment standards, an endorsement in gifted education, or a graduate degree in Gifted Education and Advanced Academics. Invest in the intellectually diverse group of students that thrive within accelerated academics. We'll help you take on this opportunity to further the education and growth of gifted students.

  • Master of Education, Education Specialist, Certificate
    Instructional Coaching

    Take the lead in facilitating professional development, catalyzing collaboration and welcoming diversity. You’ll learn various models of practice to lead conversations alongside a variety of different audiences. Become set apart in the educational field with your advanced leadership training.

  • Master of Education
    Instructional Practice

    Develop your potential as an educational practitioner through a program designed to meet the needs of the new teacher. You will build on what you already know and continue to practice in order to achieve your goals of becoming an established teacher.

  • Master of Education, Education Specialist
    Leading in Curriculum and Instruction

    Enhance your teaching skills through a program tailored to you. Research-based instruction, curriculum, teaching tactics and effective data use will be the foundation of your studies, but the rest are picked by you to fit your educational needs. Use your training to advance both the next generation and your career.

  • Master of Education
    Master of Education (M.Ed.) - Stackable

    The stackable master's degree (M.Ed.) allows candidate flexibility in crafting a degree program that is customized toward personal educational and career goals. Choose from stackable options for licensed teachers, for initial license candidates, and for those who seek to broaden their leadership skills in a variety of ways.

  • Doctor of Philosophy
    Ph.D. Leadership and Policy

    Become a leader in your field through Lipscomb University’s Leadership and Public Policy doctorate program in Nashville, TN.

  • Master of Education, Endorsement, Education Specialist, Certificate
    Reading Specialty

    Earn the licensure to make a difference in literacy. With a program that focuses on leadership, collaboration and expertise in the Common Core English and Language Arts Standard, you will do just that. Your guidance will help readers of all ages develop and succeed.

  • Master of Education, Education Specialist
    School Counseling

    Learn best-practice strategies to walk alongside students as they begin the career exploration process and higher education search. You’ll develop collaborative techniques to reach parents and teachers as well. Begin serving the next generation of leaders and innovators through your build-in practicums and internships.

  • Master of Education, Licensure, Endorsement, Education Specialist, Certificate
    Special Education

    Engage in an evidence-based program that benefits students with disabilities far beyond the classroom. Whichever concentration you choose, you will be trained to develop impactful individualized education programs geared towards their success.

  • Licensure
    Teacher Licensure

    As a new teacher, there is great value in having a support system of veteran teachers and experienced professors. Practice alongside of them as they assist you in developing your approaches to the classroom and discovering your potential as an educational professional.