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College of Education Undergraduate Programs

K-12 teachers are expected to handle the basics and then some—everything from multiplication to music.

The College of Education partners with our other academic departments to help you master a wide range of subjects and embark on a lifelong career.

  • Bachelor of Science
    Disability Studies

    If you want to work with individuals with disabilities outside the classroom, this is the degree for you. You’ll gain experience and confidence through a handful of both on-campus and off-site organizations that will provide you with real-time opportunities.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

    A degree in Education will help you to effectively share your knowledge with others. Learn from our accomplished faculty who will set you on the path to be a confident and competent teacher.

  • Bachelor of Science
    Special Education Interventionist

    If you have a passion to teach and develop students with disabilities, you’re in the right place. You will gain general education training so that you will confidently be able to teach literacy and math skills. You will also receive specialized training including individualized education plans and behavior plans.

  • Endorsement
    English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement

    Teaching candidates who are seeking initial licensure (PK-3, K-5, or 6-8 grades) can also seek an English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement. Adding an ESL endorsement provides evidence of your skills and can make you even more marketable as a teacher.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science
    Interdisciplinary Teaching

    Learn from our accomplished faculty who will set you on the path to be a confident, competent, conscious teacher. You’ll have flexible coursework allowing you to gain extra certifications or even to teach abroad! Your frequent teaching experiences in local schools will continue to grow your abilities and connections.

  • Subject Area Teaching

    We work with other departments to help students prepare for teaching K-12 (art, theatre, health and physical education, instrumental and vocal music). We also offer endorsements in French, German and Spanish. Secondary education candidates will graduate with a teaching major in the subject area they want to teach. Students can also complete state requirements for endorsement in additional high school subjects. Most of our undergraduate students will graduation with either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

    Grow your working knowledge of biology through research experience in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Our faculty are world-class scientists who stay current in their field, and they craft learning around your passions.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Chemistry and Applied Chemistry

    Learn from expert faculty within all three of our degrees: applied chemistry, chemistry teaching or professional chemistry. You’ll develop a holistic study of chemistry and then dive into your niche, with hands-on research experiences accompanying both. Our faith-based program will equip you to succeed in any aspect of the professional world of chemistry.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor

    Explore the complex and compelling relationships among languages, literature and cultures. A highly personalized academic experience will allow you to cultivate an area of expertise: choose a writing, teaching or literary track.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor

    You’ll enrich your cultural competencies, engage your critical thinking, sharpen your oral and written communication skills, and expand your knowledge about different ways of thinking. The cross-cultural mindset you’ll gain will carry you a long way — quite literally.

  • Bachelor of Science
    Health and Physical Education

    Let us further develop your passion for education and health so you can be a catalyst of the younger generation’s future success. Our expert faculty will train you to develop both physical activity and health curricula programs giving you a sought-after holistic approach to health and physical education.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor

    Hone valuable, transferable skills like careful reading, persuasive writing and critical thinking. Examine human behavior and learn to understand the world around you through the lens of different cultural perspectives and ethical values. Your studies will give you a deeper context for politics, religion and your own faith.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

    Your options are endless: statistics, calculus, geometry, abstract algebra, topology, differential equations and many more! The problem-solving skills you finesse will apply far beyond just equations. Dig deeper into the incredible body of knowledge that constitutes mathematics by earning your degree in the field.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music, Minor

    Music is a diverse, exhilarating field. So put yourself in Nashville—Music City—and get a head start on your musical career. Whether you wish to teach, compose or perform, our connected faculty will guide you in a holistic foundation of music.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

    Study some of the physical world’s most inscrutable mysteries and examine the laws of motion and energy inherent in everything we do. Investigate the principles of physics with a high regard for creation’s God-given wonder, complexity, and amazing power.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor

    As the ability to converse in Spanish is increasing in importance in the U.S. and worldwide, it's no secret that with a background in this language, you'll be better equipped for your profession. Our Spanish Teaching degree combines a respected education program and studies in language, geography and literature.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minor

    Become a well-rounded theatre practitioner committed to artistic and academic excellence. Your studies will begin in foundational theatre practices and then move towards more specific skills tailored to your passions. You'll have the chance to take part in departmental productions and in the Nashville theatre scene, too.

  • Bachelor of Arts
    Visual Art

    Learn how to be an artist while learning the business. Or prepare to mold young minds at the primary and secondary levels. Chances for experiential learning abound with our student-operated gallery, Open, and local museums and studios.