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Now accepting applications for the new Endeavor Program, a unique educational experience designed for you!

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Program Overview

Program Overview

Whether it's your love for theatre, professional ambition, or calling to teach that has brought you here, we will guide you into becoming a well-rounded theatre practitioner committed to artistic and academic excellence. After all, our world needs smart, innovative artists. We start with foundational instruction on all theatrical aspects that streamline into more specific courses each year. You'll take part in departmental productions and in the local Nashville theatre scene. Our professional faculty will connect you to outside opportunities. You'll build community in our tight-knit department, where support from the relationships you gain will continue strengthening your career even after graduation day.

Click the "Audition/Interview Information" button above to learn more about the process to join the program. Please note that all degrees require this process. 

Degree Offerings

Audition/Interview Information

Audition/Interview Information

BFA Acting Auditions:

Please prepare two contrasting, 1-minute monologues (not from musicals, please). We recommend that you select characters close to you in age range. No vocal audition or dance call will be required for this audition. Once you have confirmed your audition reservation, you will be emailed a link to provide your headshot and resumé.

BFA Design and Production Interviews:

Please prepare to discuss your interest in theatre design and production. You may provide a portfolio of your theatre work if available, either on paper or digitally. We would love to see any work representative of your design or stage management experience, including research, script analysis, renderings, and/or photos of your work. Once you have confirmed your interview reservation, you will be emailed a link to provide your information and any portfolio links.

BFA Musical Theatre Auditions:

Please prepare a 16 bar audition cut of a Broadway-style song and a 1-minute monologue that showcases your abilities as a performer. We recommend a contemporary monologue (not from a musical) in a character close to you in age range. Come prepared with a second contrasting musical selection piece. Please bring your sheet music marked and ready for the accompanist. Dance call for musical theatre applicants is 9:00 am on the date listed. Once you have confirmed your audition reservation, you will be emailed a link to provide your headshot and resumé.

BA Theatre Teaching Interviews:

Please prepare to discuss your interest in theatre education and experience in theatre. You may provide a portfolio of your theatre work if interested in theatre scholarship. This may include any aspects of your theatre experience, including performance, tech, directing, choreographing, and/or teaching. Once you have confirmed your interview reservation, you will be emailed a link to provide your information and any portfolio links.

Audition/Interview Schedule

To schedule an audition or interview, please fill out the form below. Our upcoming dates are:

  • Saturday, November 13, 2021

  • Saturday, February 5, 2022

  • Saturday, March 5, 2022

  • Saturday, March 26, 2022

If you need to submit your audition materials electronically, please contact

To be considered for a theatre scholarship, applicants must audition/interview by March 5, 2022. Students may still be considered for the program after this date, but scholarship will not be available. If a student changes majors during their tenure at Lipscomb, their remaining theatre scholarship may be removed.

IMPORTANT: The theatre department has limited spots available for each degree - any spots offered are contingent upon availability. It is encouraged to secure your spot soon after the offer by paying your initial deposit. It is also encouraged to audition early to ensure spots are still available. Students may be waitlisted after their offer when spots are full.

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Our Faculty

  • Beki Baker headshot

    Beki Baker

    Chair, Theater

    Beki grew up in Texas, where she earned a BFA in Theatre Performance ('04) and an MFA in Directing ('09) from Baylor University. She met her husband Scott while finishing...

    Meet Beki Baker
  • Nat McIntyre

    Nat McIntyre

    Assistant Professor

    Nat McIntyre grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and received his B.A. from Eastern Nazarene College in Boston. Immediately following graduation, McIntyre spent a year running a theater program, youth...

    Meet Nat McIntyre
  • Andy Bleiler headshot

    Andy Bleiler

    Assistant Professor

    Andy Bleiler serves as Assistant Professor of Theatre, Scenic Designer, and Production Manager, at Lipscomb University. His resume includes scenic designs for Lipscomb University, The Nashville Shakespeare Festival, Vanderbilt Opera...

    Meet Andy Bleiler
  • Kari Smith

    Kari Smith


    Kari Cherie Smith, a native of Nashville, has enjoyed teaching theatre and dance for over 18 years in the Middle Tennessee area. With a background in performance, dance, directing, education...

    Meet Kari Smith
  • Chelsea Flowers headshot

    Chelsea Flowers

    Technical Director

    Chelsea Flowers is an alumna of Lipscomb University Theatre where she received her BFA in Design and Technical Theatre in 2013. Since graduating, she has worked at many regional theatres...

    Meet Chelsea Flowers
  • June Kingsbury headshot

    June Kingsbury

    Costume Designer and Shop Manager

    June Kingsbury is Lipscomb University's Department of Theatre resident costume designer. She has been costuming Nashville theater productions since 2000. As a theatrical costumer, she has designed shows for Nashville...

    Meet June Kingsbury
  • Kymberly Yates headshot

    Kym Yates

    Office Manager

    Kym Yates, born and raised in Tennessee's Cheatham County, serves as the School of Theatre and Cinematic Arts Office Manager. Yates has worked in administrative capacities for 25+ years and...

    Meet Kym Yates
  • Leigh Anne Ervin

    Leigh Anne Ervin

    Adjunct Faculty

    In addition to serving on the teaching faculty at Lipscomb University and St. Cecilia Academy, Leigh Anne Ervin is founder and director of St. Cecilia Dance Academy, director of SCA's...

    Meet Leigh Anne Ervin
  • Vali Forrister

    Vali Forrister

    Adjunct Faculty

    Vali Forrister is the producing artistic director of the Actors Bridge Ensemble, a professional theater company and actor training program which she co-founded in 1995. She has produced over 90...

    Meet Vali Forrister
  • Maggie Pelton

    Maggie Pelton

    Adjunct Faculty

    Maggie Pelton grew up in the New Jersey Ballet Company. Her studies expanded to other disciplines while attending the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and the Martha Graham and...

    Meet Maggie Pelton
  • Bakari King

    Bakari King

    Adjunct Faculty

    Bakari King is a native of Chicago, IL. He has a B.S. in Theatre from Faulkner University in Montgomery, AL. He has worked as a teacher for almost 16 years...

    Meet Bakari King

Career Paths


Actors express ideas and portray characters in theater, film, television, and other performing arts media. They interpret a writer’s script to entertain or inform an audience.

Producers and Directors

Producers and directors create motion pictures, television shows, live theater, commercials, and other performing arts productions. They interpret a writer’s script to entertain or inform an audience.

Set and exhibit designers

Design special exhibits and movie, television, and theater sets. May study scripts, confer with directors, and conduct research to determine appropriate architectural styles.