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Content Creation Studio

Introducing: Content Creation Studio

Funded by 2022 Day of Giving

The College of Business Content Creation Studio is a new resource for students, alumni and faculty to build the digital skills required in today's business environment. This amazing space is curated to fill a variety of needs from filming 4k to 8k videos to recording product demonstrations and testimonials or presentations. Features of this new studio space include opportunities to: 

  • Record and produce podcasts
  • Develop immersive business presentations
  • Update professional headshots
  • Create a video resume
  • Have a professional setting for virtual meetings and interviews
  • Record videos from “anywhere” using a green screen
  • Access a full suite of editing and design tools
  • Check out tripods, microphones, and gimbals compatible with smartphones to create professional videos from your home or office

While participants within the College of Business will receive priority access to the space, it is designed to accommodate use by the entire Lipscomb community. We hope you take advantage of this excellent resource!

Studio Reservation 


Upon coming into the Content Creation Studio, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but we left with some fantastic clips that will allow us to begin building a more professional-appearing social media presence. I’d highly recommend anyone looking to create content for their business to check out this studio. They’ll be able to cater to your needs. — Nick Regas, Co-Founder of Enerza

Faculty Podcasts


The Management Minute

Dr. Donita Brown sits down with business leaders to discuss how to navigate the world of management. Whether you are a seasoned manager or just starting out, this podcast is for you. After more than 20 years of corporate management experience leading teams of 2 to 102, Dr. Donita Brown now serves as a professor of management at Lipscomb University's College of Business in Nashville, TN. She is also an author, speaker, and habit coach.

Listen Here

The Awakening: Everyday Life Economics Explained

Join Dr. Julio Rivas as he dives into the world of economics and finance, providing expert insights and analysis. Whether you're a finance professional or just looking to gain a better understanding of how the economy affects your life, Awakening is the perfect podcast for you.

Listen Here

Gladness & Hunger

Professor Leanne Smith sits down with key individuals to discuss personal stories and answer the question, "What brings your deep gladness?" Geared to writers, students, and story lovers, this podcast will inspire those in their journey through themes of love, loss, struggle, hope, home & new beginnings.

Listen Here

A Professional Space for
Virtual Meetings & Interviews

It was the perfect space for me to do my interview! I did not have to worry about someone coming in to interrupt me. The setup allowed me to have a professional background for my virtual interview, and I was even able to move around some of the decorations to make the focus on accounting. My interviewers even commented on how professional and fun my background looked! I highly recommend the studio to anyone that is doing virtual interviews! — Audra Hochgesang, Class of 2023

Studio Highlights

Professor speaking into a microphone recording a podcast

Podcast Recording

Record and produce professional podcasts in a real studio space.

Purple 'recording in progress' neon sign

Video Production

Create a compelling video resume with access to equipment and a full suite of editing and design tools.

Student smiling at camera for headshot photo

Professional Headshot

Update your headshot with an organized, pro set up.

Student holding up granola as product demonstration

Product Demonstrations

Develop immersive business presentations to take your skills to the next level.

Student wearing headphones and using a desktop computer to edit

Editing and Design Tools

Create professional videos using state-of-the-art equipment within the studio or check out equipment such as tripods, microphones, and gimbals.

Professor giving presentation in front of green screen

Green Screen

Record videos from “anywhere” using a green screen and other professional tools.

Student looking at a laptop and speaking during virtual interview

Virtual Interview Space

Conduct virtual interviews in a quiet, professional environment, whether to practice and hone interview skills or take part in official processes.