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Your experience at Lipscomb will be a journey filled with deep relationships and opportunities that will combine together over your time as a student to strengthen and equip you for the future. And a big part of that journey is simply getting there.

Our Office of the Registrar provides you with paperwork, transcripts, records and more to make sure you successfully graduate and find purposeful work after college. Because at Lipscomb, we don’t just focus on what you do — every part of our institution, from our faculty to our records staff, cares about who you are becoming. 

Undergraduate Catalog Graduate Catalog

Academic Calendar

Take a look at class schedules when planning which courses to take. Find out when final exams will take place so you can get a jump start on studying. Our academic calendars will allow you to streamline your journey at Lipscomb so there are no bad surprises — only good ones, like who will win the Singarama or this year’s Battle of the Boulevard!

Academic Calendar

Forms & Transcripts

Request transcripts, replace your diploma, or receive degree verification. We also provide you with any and all forms you may need during your time at Lipscomb, including forms for adding or dropping courses, FERPA information, intent to graduate and more.

Forms & Transcripts


All roads lead to graduation at Lipscomb. But before you graduate, there are specific requirements and information you must have. Find out all you need to know for one of the most important and transformational days of your adult life, Commencement Day.

About Graduation