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Office of the Provost Team

The Office of the Provost oversees the creation and execution of academic policies and procedures and has extensive responsibility for academic, student and faculty affairs as the leader of academic life at Lipscomb University.

Jennifer Shewmaker headshot

Jennifer Shewmaker, Provost

Provost Jennifer Shewmaker is Lipscomb University's chief academic officer, overseeing academic programs and initiatives. She sets and implements strategic goals to enhance academic quality, working closely with faculty, staff, and administrators. Provost Shewmaker improves curriculum, teaching, and inclusivity, collaborating with departments for faculty development, research, and student success. She shapes the academic vision, maintains standards, and fosters an intellectual community. | 615.966.1789

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Brian Mast Headshot

Brian Mast, Vice Provost

Contact Brian with questions related to the Academic Success Center, Beaman Library, Center for Teaching and Learning, Career Development Center, Online Learning, Tennessee Transfer Pathways, Accessibility, and Global Learning. | 615.966.1052
Ezell 120C

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Trace Hebert headshot

Trace Hebert, Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies

Contact Trace with questions related to the Office of Research and Grants, graduate studies, Doctor of Education Program, Ph.D. in Leadership and Policy Studies Program. | 615.966.5325
Ezell 351A

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Rick Holaway headshot

Rick Holaway, Associate Provost of Graduate Enrollment and Support

Contact Rick with questions regarding graduate recruitment and enrollment: creating, implementing and proactively evaluating enrollment management strategies that reflect the University’s mission, goals, and strategic plan; ensuring effective and consistent image and branding initiatives across platforms; evaluating the market need for new program ideas; the development of partnerships with external or internal constituents. | 615.966.6133
Ezell 351B

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Catherine Terry headshot

Catherine Terry, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and SACSCOC Liaison

Contact Catherine with questions related to SEDONA, REDCap, faculty evaluation plan, program accreditation, SACSCOC guidance, academic policies, CTL, program review, CIPs, New Student Orientation, Summer Scholars, faculty qqualifications and justifications, THEC. | 615.966.1964
Ezell 120

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Florah Mhlanga headshot

Florah Mhlanga, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Contact Florah with questions related to undergraduate policies and processes, General Education or The Liberal Arts Core, Student Scholars Symposium, Honors College, the Ward Society, and research programs for Undergraduate students. | 615.966.6619

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Rebecca Johns headshot

Rebecca Johns, Director of Academic Finance | 615.966.5201

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Emily Smith headshot

Emily Smith, Assistant Provost for Online Learning

Contact Emily with questions related to remote or online learning. | 615.966.1110

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Naomi Lutz headshot

Naomi Lutz, Administrative Assistant and Academic Event Coordinator

Contact Naomi with questions related to academic event planning, including graduation, academic awards, Provost Breakfast. | 615.966.5804
Ezell 345

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Abby Bell headshot

Abby Bell, Executive Assistant

Contact Abby if you need assistance with the following: scheduling a meeting with the Provost or use of the Provost Conference Room; faculty questions related to load, overload, hiring, contracts; questions around faculty awards and sabbaticals; questions about academic events or speakers that require the Provost’s approval; academic information that needs to be distributed to the entire faculty. | 615.966.1789
Ezell 345E

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Barbara Blackman headshot

Barbara Blackman, Administrative Assistant Coordinator

Contact Barbara if you have questions related to the Academic Catalog, Graduate Handbook, Faculty Handbook, UAC or GAC meetings. | 615.966.6287
Ezell 120

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