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Students study in the Honors College.

Honors College

Take your college experience to the next level.

We get some of the brightest and most creative, driven, and innovative students at Lipscomb University. That’s why we’ve established the Honors College, a rigorous, multi-disciplinary academic challenge for individuals who are committed and determined to plan for their future success as soon as they set foot on campus.

Our honors curriculum provides you with the opportunity to enhance your academics through in-depth critical thinking projects and research studies, to expand your perspective through intentional service and community engagement, and to take part in summer internship and development opportunities — all of which occur alongside a cohort of like-minded peers with similar aspirations and goals.

By joining Lipscomb’s Honors College, you will not only be prepared to succeed academically — you will set yourself up for continuing success well after graduation, both professionally and personally. Start living out your full potential now.

Message from Alan Bradshaw, Director of the Honors College

Students outside on bench

Join others with dedication.

One of the best parts about Lipscomb’s Honors College is the camaraderie you will find among like-minded peers in the program. Become a vital member of a cohort of determined and passionate individuals who will walk alongside you throughout your entire time as an undergraduate. As iron sharpens iron, so you will sharpen your peers and they will sharpen you — by supporting one another academically, personally and spiritually, and calling out the skills and talents you see in one another.

Student in College of Business

Excel Beyond.

As an honors student, you will be emboldened to not only get involved as a student leader on campus, but to make important decisions for your future. We will set you up for your next endeavor, whether that’s working with you to apply for graduate schools, ensuring you find employment opportunities, or helping you apply for and receive national scholarships such as Fulbright grants.

Opportunities for Engagement

Students together

Take on the challenge.

Students enrolled in Lipscomb’s Honors College have the option to participate in academic research on or off campus, or through international research labs. You will engage in interdisciplinary projects and courses that go deeper than most and expand your understanding of a variety of subjects, issues, systems and schools of thought. Student scholars also have the opportunity to share their research findings publicly at our annual Student Scholar Symposium or at an academic conference.

A student with a community member.

Serve your community.

Be encouraged to take on leadership roles at Lipscomb that allow you to make a difference within the university community and in the city of Nashville. Serve in the Student Government Association, the Honors College Council, service clubs, social clubs, athletic teams and more. With each role you step into, you will enhance your undergraduate experience and continue to confidently pave your way to a successful future.

Dancers perform during a fiesta

Connect with the world.

Participate in field experiences across the Nashville community. Whether you're picnicking with a zookeeper, attending a musical or symphony, white water rafting on nearby rapids or visiting a local Amish community, you'll be seeing the city through the lens of learning. Our planned activity programming, called Honors Connect, will help you better understand the place you live and develop a stronger sense of your own interests and aptitudes.