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About Global Learning

As Lipscomb prepares you for your future, we believe it is important that you graduate with a better and more personal understanding of global issues, with a compassion for people whose views may challenge your own, and with a strong sense of faith, service and humility.

Lipscomb University offers global programs to several exciting destinations. Our programs are designed to grow students academically, emotionally, and spiritually by focusing on three pillars: experiential learning, community engagement and intentional spirituality.

Read what our staff and students have to say about the benefit of participating in Global Programs.

“I really believe that global learning complements every major. It is the best catalyst for change in a student’s life. Just getting them out of their comfort zone and going abroad to any one of our sites, for even a short-term program, can be enough to be that paradigm shift that helps students see themselves through a lens that only global learning can provide.” — Dr. Rebecca Zanolini, Director of Global Learning
Studying abroad is probably the best thing you could do in your college career. You will learn more about yourself, the world and culture in three months than you have your entire life. — Kathryn, Vienna
As Americans, we can be a little blind to other parts of the world. Studying abroad is an experience that allows us to see how important it is to connect with different cultures. This program showed me how different cultures can be but how they also depend so much on each other. — LJS Student, EU & You

Interested in learning more? Contact us by phone (615.966.2100) or email (, or visit us in the lower level of Johnson Hall.