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Center for Teaching & Learning

Supporting excellence. Inspiring innovation.

Lipscomb University is known for its innovation and leadership — and this is due in large part to our expert faculty. Lipscomb professors and teachers are continuously seeking and learning new ways to educate. As the world changes and develops, so do our instructors and the methods through which they disseminate knowledge and edify our students. By investing in our faculty, we invest in our impact — intellectually, professionally and spiritually.

The mission of The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is to promote and sustain excellence in teaching using creative, collaborative, and innovative techniques.

The CTL seeks to become a transformational hub by cultivating collaborative partnerships, providing professional learning and integrating innovative resources that support high-impact learning for all students.

Professional Learning

The CTL seeks to enhance the experience of our instructors. It promotes a community of scholars where the practice of teaching and learning is valued, shared and sustained; and it encourages faculty to participate in conversations about teaching, learning and professional development within departments, disciplines and professional conferences. By fostering innovation, creativity and professional growth in our professors, the CTL supports them in their continuous pursuit of their individual callings.

Collaborative Partnerships

The CTL cultivates collaborative partnerships, internally and externally, for the purpose of building community across the campus and connecting Lipscomb instructors with additional resources and opportunities. By encouraging collaboration on our campus and involvement of various external groups, the CTL advances instructors' efforts toward student success.

Innovative Resources

The CTL creates and integrates innovative resources to support faculty with effective course design, productive learning environments, instructional technology tools, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. By incorporating a variety of formats within the resources, the CTL provides customized supports for faculty with a wide range of experience and backgrounds.

Laura Morrow Headshot

Laura Morrow

Dr. Laura Morrow is the Director of Collaborative Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives for the Center for Teaching and Learning and Associate Professor of Management at Lipscomb University. While contributing to the Center's efforts, she draws from both her depth of academic knowledge in organizational behavior and her breadth of teaching experience.

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Julia Osteen

Julia Osteen

Dr. Julia Osteen is the Director of Professional Development for the Center for Teaching and Learning and Assistant Professor of Education at Lipscomb University. Prior to coming to the CTL, she worked as the Technology Integration Specialist for the Ayers Institute, where she coached College of Education faculty on their use of technology for learning.

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