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Return To Campus Plan

Lipscomb University's comprehensive plan to return to campus.

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COVID-19 Update

Lipscomb University Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 update and response.

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Center for Teaching & Learning

Lipscomb University is known for its innovation and leadership — and this is due in large part to our expert faculty.

Lipscomb professors and teachers are continuously seeking and learning new ways to educate. As the world changes and develops, so do our instructors and the methods through which they disseminate knowledge and edify our students. By investing in our faculty, we invest in our impact — intellectually, professionally and spiritually.

Our Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) provides multiple resources, programs and services to our faculty who seek to achieve excellence in their teaching and learn new ways to reach every individual in their student population. This occurs through the use of creative, collaborative and innovative techniques.

Professional Growth

The CTL seeks to enhance the experience of our instructors. It promotes a community of scholars where the practice of teaching and learning is valued, shared and sustained; and it encourages faculty to participate in conversations about teaching, learning and professional development within departments, disciplines and professional conferences. By fostering innovation, creativity and professional growth in our professors, the CTL supports them in their continuous pursuit of their individual callings.

Technology in Education

By promoting the integration of instructional technology into the academic environment, the CTL equips professors to ensure their teaching is effective and student learning is enhanced. It also provides leadership in the discussion and development of teaching and learning in the online environment.

Additional Aspects of the CTL

Some additional benefits faculty receive from the CTL include workshops facilitated and conducted by CTL staff, as well as other faculty-related sessions directed toward improving the quality of instructional skills. The CTL also provides orientation for new faculty members. Lastly, the center identifies and evaluates new technology for academic application among faculty.

The CTL offers a range of resources for professors who want to apply the latest teaching skills to both traditional classrooms and online studies. Lipscomb partners with a variety of well-respected organizations and associations to further the on-going education and skills of our faculty.