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Humility, vision, faith, courage and strategic thinking—these characteristics and values make up the strongest of leaders and they are what guide Lipscomb University’s leadership team.

Candice McQueen presenting

Lipscomb President Dr. Candice McQueen

Our president, senior leaders and Board of Trustees are deeply committed to the ongoing success of both our students and our community. That means they are invested in your — and each member of the Lipscomb family’s — spiritual growth, academic achievement and community involvement, and work daily to impact the community of Nashville and the world. Because at Lipscomb, leadership isn’t successful unless you’re serving others.

With their direction, guidance and faithful prayer and implementation of important decisions, students like you and the entire university community benefit. Here, you too will have the opportunity to develop into a confident leader and may go on to benefit many in your community and even the world as you respond to God’s unique purpose for your life.

Cowart Dick

Board of Trustees

David Lipscomb first held the title of chairman of the Board of Trustees, to which he and others prayerfully oversaw the institution that one day would bear his name. Today, the board continues to meet quarterly to set the institution’s long-term direction and build on our founder’s vision of training students in practical knowledge through a Christian lens.

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Candice McQueen talking with a student

Office of the President

A university’s leader sets the direction of the organization through planning, leadership and fundraising, and ultimately guides the path of every student from orientation to graduation. But beyond offering a degree, Lipscomb’s president makes sure each student is prepared with professional knowledge, leadership skills and a heart for serving others.

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Crisman Administration Center, where senior leadership is

University Leadership

The foundation of a thriving, successful university is a team committed to the success of its students and its community through visionary leadership and strategic planning. Lipscomb’s senior leadership carries out the board’s and president’s vision for each student and the success of the organization.

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SGA President Fall 2023

Student Leadership

While the day-to-day operations are carried out by Lipscomb personnel, students are integral to the success of the institution. From the Student Government Association to the Presidential Ambassador Council, here are some ways you can make an impact in the Lipscomb community.

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