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Commercial Film and Photography Guidelines

Lipscomb University allows non-news commercial filming and photography on campus, on a case by case basis. Priority will be given to projects that will use students as extras, as production assistants, or further the interest and mission of the University. 


  1. All commercial filming and photography requests must receive permission from the Event Management office prior to filming. Any individuals or groups found filming without permission will be asked to cease and vacate the premises.

  2. Requests will be considered based on size, complexity, and to what degree it might disrupt daily campus activities. In addition, requests must uphold the value and mission of the University. 

  3. Anyone wishing to film or photograph on campus for commercial use purposes must submit a Venue Reservation Request Form. In addition to the form, additional information may be requested, including locations, dates/times, size of crew, type of activity, and possibly a script at least 30 days before the start of filming. Any request can be refused due to time constraints if requested less than 30 days in advance. The University may waive this requirement in the case of small productions. 

  4. If approved, the request will be subject to location fees determined by the Event Management office, and will be required to sign a location release and provide liability insurance. 

  5. No students, faculty, or staff are to be filmed without prior written consent. 

  6. As a general rule, University offices, labs, Lipscomb Academy buildings, and other areas as deemed by the Event Management office are not available for filming. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.

News Related Requests

All news related requests must go through the University Public Relations and Communications department directly. To inquire, contact Kim Chaudoin, Assistant Vice President of Public Relations and Communication at 615-423-6001 or kim.chaudoin [at]

Student Requests

  1. All student requests for filming must fill out the following request form: Student Film Request Form

  2. All filming projects must fit within the guidelines of Lipscomb University's mission. Any filming that may be deemed not acceptable, may be asked to cease.

  3. All requests for class projects will be given priority.

  4. Requests for independent student projects, not related to a class, will be assessed on a case by case basis. Location fees, a signed waiver, and possibly purchased liability insurance may apply. Any projects in this category are required to have confirmation of space, even if filming outdoors.

  5. All indoor spaces are required to have a space confirmation from Event Management prior to filming, unless the Event Management office deems otherwise. Outdoor spaces are not necessarily required. The Event Management office will contact if it is required to have confirmation for an outdoor space prior to filming.

  6. Requests are reviewed Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Please give at least 24-48 hour advance notice. Requests for non traditional spaces (offices, labs, etc.) may require a professor to assist with requesting use of the space.


Last revised August 6, 2019