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Students enjoying the Lipscomb campus in the summer time

Summer Housing

Summer Housing

Spend your summer in Nashville at Lipscomb! Students are not required to be enrolled in summer classes in order to get summer housing, but students must be enrolled at Lipscomb for the fall semester.

How to Register for Summer Housing

  1. Pay the $35 Summer Housing Processing Fee.
  2. All students who would like to live on campus during the summer must complete the Summer 2024 Student Housing Application. Your login is the letters/number before the @ sign of your Lipscomb email address. Your password is the same as your password for your CNS Student Portal. 
    • When filling out the application, please select the term for which you will be staying on campus.
    • Students who will be living on campus for the Entire Term or Maymester will move directly from their spring semester assignments to their summer assignments.
  3. After this information has been received, students will receive an email from the RHD of their respective building before their date of move-in with your summer assignment and move-in information..

*Lipscomb University only offers housing to current students who are enrolled in summer and/or fall classes at Lipscomb University. 


Meal plans are not available during the summer. Students are encouraged to add Lipscomb Bucks to their student ID. 

Lipscomb Bucks

Lipscomb campus in the summer time

Apply for Summer Session

A variety of academic courses with full credit are available during our summer semesters. You have the opportunity to get closer to your degree by taking courses over the summer. All college students, college graduates and qualifying high school juniors and seniors are welcome to enroll in summer courses.

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