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Elam Hall

Elam is our largest first-year women’s dorm.

Elam, Lipscomb’s most recently renovated residence hall, is home to up to approximately 300 freshmen women each year. Residents live in traditional-style, double occupancy rooms with shared community bathrooms on each floor. 

The dorm offers many other community spaces, including a large lobby, kitchen, conference room, courtyard and study rooms. Laundry rooms are located on each floor and are free for residential use.


See Elam Hall Floor Plan


Each student will have a:

  • Bed (86" L x 38.5" W) with adjustable height
  • Dresser (20" D x 34" wide x 19" H)
  • Desk (24" D x 36" W x 30" H) with chair
  • Wardrobe (24" D x 34" W x 70" H)


  • Residents may hang items on the walls with very small nails and tacks. Command strips, hot glue, screws, and packing/duct tape are not permitted.
  • We strongly discourage residents from bringing carpet. Instead, we recommend bringing a large area rug instead. Rugs will fit in any room and can be reused year to year.
  • Curtains can be hung using a tension rod.