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Johnson Hall

Choose from several room styles in this vibrant living community.

Renovated in 2016, Johnson Hall is an upperclassmen female dorm. It is conveniently located in the heart of campus and can house up to 292 students! Upperclassmen are able to choose between traditional rooms, sharing community bathrooms, or suite-style rooms which share suite-style bathrooms. 

Johnson features a computer lab with printers, two study rooms, three TV lobbies, a full-service kitchen, and a laundry room on each floor. Our outdoor courtyard is a beautiful, relaxing space where residents and guests can spend time together or in solitude.

Suite Side

Our suite-style dorms offer a unique and personal living opportunity for roommates and suitemates! Suites in Johnson Hall are two rooms adjoined by a shared bathroom and can accommodate up to four women. The bathrooms have one shower (curtain provided), sink and toilet that you and your living mates are responsible for cleaning. The university provides toilet paper so you can check that off your list! 

Inside the bedroom, there is a kitchenette with a sink and shelving space to store food or whatever you’d like. There is also a convenient spot (27” x 27”) to potentially store a mini fridge. Each resident will also have their own bed, bookshelf, desk, and dresser.

Furnishings and Dimensions

Each student will have:

  • Desk with one drawer (36” W x 29” H)
  • Shelf (34” W x 29” H)
  • Dresser with three drawers (36” W x 29.5” H)
  • Closet has one shelf and two hanger rods: 56” W, 4 ft under shelf
  • Twin bed with XL mattress (81” L x 29” H): cannot accommodate loft kits
  • Six kitchenette shelves (33” W x 12” H)

Traditional Side

Our traditional side rooms are special in that they offer an opportunity for communal living while enjoying a roommate shared bedroom space! There are two communal bathrooms on each of our traditional floors and they are equipped with personal bathroom stalls and door secured shower stalls. These bathrooms are cleaned daily by our housekeeping staff. Residents are responsible for their own trash. 


Each student will have a:

  • Wardrobe with two drawers (84” H x 36” W)
  • Twin bed with XL mattress (39” W x 78” L x 34” H), lofting kit available
  • Two shelves (30” H x 29” W)
  • Desk (42” W x 30.4” H) with chair
  • Window is 64.5 in tall x 7ft wide

Tips For All Johnson Rooms

  • For hanging items on your walls, command strips are not permitted. Please use small nails and tacks instead.
  • For curtain needs, we recommend tension rods.
  • If you would like carpet, we recommend a 5x7 or 8x10 rug to cover a majority of the floor space. No need to go through the hassle of cutting out carpet specific to your room and it’s easy for packing up at the end of the year to use again.