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Undergraduate Programs - Entertainment & the Arts

A Christ- centered, innovative, entrepreneurial arts community committed to rigorous artistic training, creative collaboration and professional growth.

Here you can train with outstanding faculty and distinguished industry professionals known as Artists in Residence. You can learn in state of the art facilities, connect to a vast network of professional artists, collaborate with students from various artistic disciplines, cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit that will fuel a sustainable career and, most importantly, perfect your art while strengthening your faith.

It is a place you can work on major motion pictures with professional production companies, train with Dove and Grammy Award winning musicians, learn animation from a Disney animator, work with Broadway professionals on major theatrical productions, curate art shows at our Open Gallery in downtown Nashville, develop the next big video game or mobile app, design for theatre, fashion runway shows, concerts, film and theme park attractions, and explore art from all over the world as a part of our global learning experience.

We offer more than one dozen undergraduate degrees and concentrations that will allow you to also combine your passion for arts and entertainment with other fields of study.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minor

    Gain a holistic education in the process of animated film, from designing your characters to final rendering production. You'll grow your creative skills and learn from some of the most distinguished animators in the U.S.

  • Bachelor of Arts
    Art Therapy

    Explore the ins-and-outs of developing individuals to reach their full potential -- through art! You will be guided through real-time events and social situations in a variety of different fields to experience the power of co-creating within an art therapy context.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Minor
    Commercial Music: Songwriting or Production

    Learn from those who know the music business best. We will give you the tools you need to adapt to a changing industry. We can develop your unique gifts in performance, songwriting, production or business into a career where you can serve and work successfully.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Fashion and Interior Merchandising

    Engage yourself in a close-knit, spiritually-minded fashion community. Take part in fashion shows, explore our historic fashion archives and take your learning overseas to Florence, Italy. Whether you see yourself as an entrepreneur or in a corporate career, we will set you up for success.

  • Bachelor of Arts
    Fashion Design

    Immerse yourself in a personal, spiritually-minded fashion community. Access to our historic archives and connected fashion experts will put you well on your way to a successful career in fashion design.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minor
    Film Production

    You'll be shooting projects, screenwriting and learning the business, its history and specific application, in no time. The production of motion pictures and television programs is one of America's most valuable cultural and economic resources, and we will train you to be an expert in this valuable field.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minor
    Graphic Design

    We'll teach you industry best practices with an emphasis on business ethics grounded in a Christian worldview. You'll grow in the design principles of hand, eye, mind and heart. You will learn how to stay relevant in an ever-developing field.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science
    Hospitality Management

    Nashville’s hospitality and entertainment industry is dynamic, providing you with vast opportunity. Launch a career in a major hospitality and entertainment company or prepare to lead as a cruise line’s guest relations manager, event manager, or publicist. Our program will prepare you to create and collaborate with an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music, Minor

    Music is a diverse, exhilarating field. So put yourself in Nashville—Music City—and get a head start on your musical career. Whether you wish to teach, compose or perform, our connected faculty will guide you in a holistic foundation of music.

  • Bachelor of Arts
    Music Industry Studies

    Our experiential, mentor-based approach includes a holistic, collaborative training in the arts. You'll learn how Nashville’s music business functions in the context of its boisterous entertainment and hospitality industry, as well. Come and learn the music industry in Music City

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minor
    Studio Art

    Test your creativity in painting, drawing, sculpture, videography and printmaking. Work with our experienced faculty to develop your skills into a career that allows you to create and serve.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minor

    Become a well-rounded theatre practitioner committed to artistic and academic excellence. Your studies will begin in foundational theatre practices and then move towards more specific skills tailored to your passions. You'll have the chance to take part in departmental productions and in the Nashville theatre scene, too.

  • Bachelor of Arts
    Visual Art

    Learn how to be an artist while learning the business. Or prepare to mold young minds at the primary and secondary levels. Chances for experiential learning abound with our student-operated gallery, Open, and local museums and studios.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Minor
    Worship Arts

    Blend your musical talent with your passion for church involvement and leadership. Our program focuses on biblical studies, as well as historical and theological aspects of worship, and the musical ability you’ll need to adapt songs for use in worship.

  • Minor
    Art History

    Gain a greater appreciation and understanding of art through studying its origin. Our distinguished professors will provide thorough expertise on the background, history and meaning of art.