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What "inside students" say about the Lipscomb LIFE program

"You don’t truly realize how amazing of an opportunity education is until you’ve experienced LIFE. The power of education to come in and completely overhaul your sense of self and view of the world is incredible. Watching the LIFE program transform my life and the lives of those around me has been a highlight of my life. The Lipscomb Initiative for Education is truly a life altering experience and you haven’t experienced education until you’ve experienced L.I.F.E."  — Cyntoia

*     *     *     *

"The Life Program has taught me to think better about myself, my life and reach for my goals. Every night after class, I call home and tell my mom about all that I have learned and she learns things as well. I am thankful for a second chance at an education regardless of my circumstances. I hope that other institutions will implement programs like LIFE to inspire people to keep hope alive." —Tabatha

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A provision of community.
A new beginning to life, family, and society.
A renewal of hope.
A purpose of continuity.


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"Lipscomb’s Initiative for Education, LIFE: Living in the foundation of Eternity. When I began studying with Lipscomb University, I believed the acronym in print. After eleven years I have come to know [that the] LIFE program is to prepare one to be good stewards, citizens and community of God." — Donna

*     *     *     *

"I have been in the Lipscomb LIFE program for two years. This program has truly been a huge blessing for me and boosted my self-confidence. Before being accepted into Lipscomb, I thought that I wasn’t worth of an education beyond high school. Upon entering the program, I’ve discovered that I am worthy and intelligent enough to pursue one of several degrees I am planning on obtaining. Thank-you Lipscomb staff for giving someone like myself the opportunity to expand my mind beyond these incarcerated walls; I will be eternally grateful." —Yaneca

*     *     *     *

The LIFE Program for me has been:

  • Liberating
  • Given me a second chance in life
  • Taught me how intelligent I am
  • Given me something to take home
  • Given me a reason to wake up
  • Given me a reason to stay out of trouble
  • Given me something to be proud of in my heart

LIFE gives me a future

LIFE gives me a community.

LIFE gives me hope.

LIFE gives

—Shelly Ann