College of Computing & Technology

Understanding technology is critical to understanding our modern world. Whether you want to become the next Steve Jobs, design data systems that revolutionize healthcare delivery, or thwart hackers and identity thieves, your Lipscomb degree will make sure you’re ready for the future.

School of Computing and Informatics


Our computing and technology courses are experience based—meaning you won’t just learn, you’ll learn by doing. Research projects and internships with local companies are a required part of the program, so you acquire hands-on experience before you graduate (and an almost 100% likelihood of a job after you graduate).

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Undergraduate Programs

As an undergrad, you can major or minor in areas such as information security, software engineering, and web application development. Through theoretical studies and actual programming, you’ll develop the analytical, mathematical, and technical skills to make even the most temperamental motherboard cry "Uncle!"


Graduate Programs

Our master’s degree and certificate programs equip you to lead in a field that many are simply trying to catch up to. You’ll study data science, information technology, or software engineering in a compressed format (usually one year), so you can get to changing the world that much faster.

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