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Academic Programs

Launch a career with endless opportunities.

The field of technology is growing and evolving on a daily basis—while the whole world watches. Study in a program that allows you to develop tomorrow's breakthroughs today.

With innovative and uniquely multidisciplinary programs in computer science, computational science and information technology, we will equip you for a promising career in systems engineering, science, management, development or security. Whatever vocation you choose, our rigorous curriculum will prepare you to stand out in the industry.

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Our Departments

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Computer Science

Learn and engage in all aspects of the design, creation and delivery of innovation and accessible software. Major in computer science, computer science and mathematics, game development, or software engineering, and apply the knowledge and skills to effectively solve today’s tech industry problems and contribute to the technical advancement of your desired field.

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Computational Sciences

Explore the relationship between data, technology and people as you develop a deep understanding of the burgeoning fields of data science and computational biology. We’ll give you the skills to apply your tech knowledge toward your area of interest and grasp the mathematical modeling, simulation and big data aspects of computational science.

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Information Technologies

Choose from a major in information security, information technology, information technology management or web application development, and focus on aspects of technology infrastructure that have become the building blocks of our society. Understand technology and how people interact with it, or design elegant web-based solutions and engage tomorrow's users in innovative ways.