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Return To Campus Plan

Lipscomb University's comprehensive plan to return to campus.

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Attend the Campus Showcase: January 11, 13 or 15, 2021

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COVID-19 Update

Lipscomb University Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 update and response.

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Hazelip School of Theology

Serve More Effectively Wherever You're Called.

The landscape of ministry is changing as never before. At the Hazelip School of Theology, we will train you for the challenges you face today. We are here to equip you with the knowledge, skills and abilities that will empower your calling in the Kingdom, whether that’s in local congregations, faith-based nonprofit spaces, chaplaincy roles or other forms of ministry you are supporting.

Your degree is more than just an academic experience. It is also about the personal journey you take as you study the complexities of Scripture, the textures of church history, the breadth of Christian theology and the pastoral practices of personal and communal formation. Here at Hazelip, the classic theological disciplines are meaningfully connected to the practical concerns of how to sustain Christian faith within your circles of influence.

Our way of educating is holistic regardless of the particular program you choose. We consider ourselves theological educators first and foremost, women and men that are willing to share our scholarly resources alongside our personal pieces of wisdom that flow out of our own journeys with Christ. We are thus accessible outside the classroom for other kinds of formative conversations because we highly value the personal dimensions of a seminary experience.

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Graduate Programs

The Hazelip School of Theology offers several innovative graduate programs specifically created for professionals serving in today’s congregations and other faith-based initiatives. Learn from expert faculty and understand how to serve more effectively in your calling. Join our learning community and grow with us in our commitment to advance the Kingdom of God.

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Students and faculty in the LIFE program are in class

LIFE Program

We seek to provide higher education to every person who desires it. Our Lipscomb Initiative for Education (LIFE) program provides one of the most extraordinary learning experiences available at the university. Through LIFE, traditional graduate students are able to journey alongside residents of the Tennessee Prison for Women (TPW) as together they earn their Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree. This graduate program is currently the only ATS-accredited degree being offered inside a prison within the United States.

About LIFE
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Accredited by the Association of Theological Schools

Our accreditation through the Association of Theological Schools means we are a seminary focused on our educational mission. We continually examine our classroom practices and improve our ways of teaching so that our students flourish in this learning community. Accredited by ATS since 2011, we pursue excellence in all that we do and regularly ask our students and graduates for feedback on how we might improve our work together.

Our Academic Programs

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Meet the key people that make up the Hazelip School of Theology.

  • Leonard Allen

    Leonard Allen

    Dean, College of Bible and Ministry

    C. Leonard Allen serves as dean of the College of Bible and Ministry at Lipscomb University. He taught theology, ethics, and philosophy at the graduate and undergraduate level for over...

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  • Lee Camp

    Lee Camp


    Lee C. Camp is professor of theology and ethics. He was awarded a permanent designation as a University "Outstanding Teacher" in 2017. He completed his undergrad studies at Lipscomb and...

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  • Phillip Camp

    Phillip Camp


    Phillip Camp teaches various Old Testament text courses, OT Interpretation, and Hebrew. He is the author of "Finding Your Way: A Guide to Seminary Life and Beyond" (Cascade, 2009) and...

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  • Frank Guertin

    Frank Guertin

    Assistant Dean

    Frank Guertin is Assistant Dean for the Hazelip School of Theology at Lipscomb University and Assistant Professor of Theology. Guertin completed his bachelor's degree at Ohio Valley University and his...

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  • John Mark Hicks

    John Mark Hicks


    John Mark teaches theology and history courses. He received his B.A. in Bible from Freed-Hardeman University (1977), his M.A.R. in Theological Studies from Westminster Theological Seminary (1980), his M.A. in...

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  • Kris Miller

    Kris Miller

    Assistant Professor of Bible

    Kris Miller joined the faculty of the College of Bible and Ministry in 2015, serving as assistant professor of theology and director of Lipscomb's Institute for Christian Spirituality. He has nine...

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  • John York

    John York


    In addition to his responsibilities with the D.Min. program, John teaches graduate New Testament text and ministry courses. He received his training from Abilene Christian University (B.A. M.A., M.Div.),...

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  • Mark Black

    Mark Black

    Professor of New Testament

    Mark teaches Luke-Acts, Synoptic Gospels, New Testament Theology, Corinthians, New Testament Exegesis, and Biblical Ethics. He received his B.A. in Bible from Freed-Hardeman University, his M.A. and M.Th. from Harding...

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  • Terry Briley

    Terry Briley


    Terry teaches Old Testament and Hebrew courses. He is also one of the pulpit ministers for the Natchez Trace Church of Christ and is involved with mission work in Brazil....

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  • David Fleer

    David Fleer


    David's teaching focus is homiletics. Under his direction, Lipscomb University hosts the annual Conference on Preaching. For the past few years Fleer has served as advisory board chair for the...

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  • Earl Lavender

    Earl Lavender


    Earl Lavender was born to missionary parents in Trieste, Italy on July 15, 1954. He earned undergraduate degrees from Ohio Valley College and David Lipscomb College. He is married to the...

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  • Josh Strahan

    Josh Strahan

    Associate Professor

    Josh teaches courses in Freshman Bible and New Testament. He received his bachelor's degree in Bible from Lipscomb University in 2004, his Master of Divinity degree from Abilene Christian University...

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  • Lauren White

    Lauren White

    Assistant Professor of Theology

    Lauren graduated with a Ph.D. in Theological Studies from Vanderbilt University in May, 2018. She also holds an MTS from Vanderbilt University (2010), an M.A. in English from Abilene Christian University...

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Graduate Programs

Our graduate programs provide theological training in a relational context, emphasizing advanced knowledge of Scripture, theology and the history of Christian thought. Your education experience at Hazelip will be filled with purposeful, personal growth.