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Academic Programs

Accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS)

The Master of Divinity has long been considered the best academic preparation for ministry. It is required for ordination in many religious traditions, as well as for service in fields such as chaplaincy. It is typically a prerequisite for the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree, and in recent years it has also become a requirement for entrance into some Ph.D. programs. 

We offer two formats for the M.Div., our traditional program and our new cohort model with a praxis emphasis.

The Master of Theological Studies, while not as comprehensive as the M.Div., still provides a thorough foundation in theology.  The MTS can serve as a basis for further graduate programs and is very flexible in design to accommodate your study interests.  This program can also be completed entirely online, which makes it a great option for anyone desiring a distance program.

For an shorter program focused on ministry development, the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry is a good choice. The MACM provides a solid foundation in Scripture and theology while giving you many opportunities to study specific ministry skills that facilitate leadership in a congregational setting.

  • Master of Arts Christian Ministry, Certificate
    Christian Ministry

    As you're prepared to help others in their greatest time of need or simply day to day, you'll strengthen your spiritual formation practices and pastoral skills. You'll learn how to nurture authentic community and be the hands and feet of Jesus, wherever you may go.

  • Master of Arts Christian Ministry
    Christian Ministry (LIFE)

    Study and practice the pastoral arts in the unique environment of the Tennessee Prison for Women. The MACM (LIFE) degree combines ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ students into one learning community.

  • Master of Divinity

    Intensify your faith in Jesus Christ and nourish a spirituality that will bolster your spirit of service. Advance in biblical interpretation. Frame your analytical knowledge of the Christian tradition. We'll counsel you in learning to lead the church in mission despite an ever-changing and diverse cultural context.

  • Doctor of Ministry

    Expand on your experience in ministry and immerse yourself in knowledge. Invest in courses that will provoke contemplation and growth. We strive to strengthen the spiritual formation of Christ-followers living on mission, and with your training you'll be calling other believers to embrace God's mission for creation.

  • Master of Theological Studies
    Theological Studies

    Broaden your theological and historical knowledge within our Christian tradition. Develop reasoning skills that will prove useful in conversation and advanced academic studies. You'll also find it easier to advance your career within academia, ministry, or even Christian publishing.