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Hazelip Exchange

Welcome to the Hazelip Exchange!

The Hazelip Exchange hosts live, unrecorded Zoom meetings with leaders and peers regarding the bible and ministry. Each event is an hour of conversation with fellow participants, Hazelip faculty, and Dr. John Mark Hicks about important topics in theology, Scripture, and culture. Hazelip Exchange sessions are ideal for: 

  • Current students
  • Alumni
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Church ministers and members

Upcoming Events

Theological Conversations & Inquiries

Below are the Spring 2024 Hazelip Exchange Sessions. Please register for any and all conversations that interest you.

Meet the Host

John Mark Hicks Headshot

John Mark Hicks

John Mark teaches theology and history courses. He has taught theology since 1982, including nine years at Harding University Graduate School of Religion (1991-2000). He has been at Lipscomb since 2000. He has ministered with churches in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Tennessee. He has published nine books and thirteen journal articles as well as contributed to nineteen other books.

Meet Dr. Hicks


"It's a great opportunity to engage both scholars and peers on theological issues that we don't have a platform for in everyday life. Taking a brief moment to grow with others seeking understanding is as helpful as any other resource out there, especially when it's free!"

- Houston H.

"John Mark did a great job as moderator and Richard is such a delightful and knowledgeable historian of our movement."

- Steve P.

"Very well done. Dr. Camp brought up a difficult subject but approached it with care and awareness of pastoral concerns."

- Jeremy S.

"Hazelip Exchange provided a robust conversation of a theological topic that normally, I would have found inaccessible on my own. Hearing the expertise of Dr. Hicks & Dr. White gave frameworks that I can apply in my own ministry setting."

- Lorne J.

"Wonderful mix of deep content and rich relational connections."

- Dean B.

"Learning about how this all began from the video we watched was invaluable; it has helped me understand how we got to where we are today. This was a great topic to cover."

- Dianne F.