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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction Cohorts 

Training in the ministry of spiritual direction is more than acquiring information or learning skills for excellent listening and question-asking. Becoming a spiritual director is first and foremost about the formation of the director. As we learn to be attentive to God in our own lives, we will become more skilled in helping others become more attentive. As we learn to recognize the movement of the Holy Spirit in joy and pain within ourselves, so we will become adept at noticing the workings of the Spirit in others.

Consequently, the ministry of spiritual direction requires both formation and training; it involves transformation and education. For all who want to accompany others in discerning the presence and work of God in their lives, and who want to personally become more aware and responsive, Lipscomb's Institute for Christian Spirituality offers a unique ministry.

Spiritual direction is recognizing God’s amazing work in us and among us in the ordinariness of human existence. — Margaret Guenther, Holy Listening: The Art of Spiritual Direction

Common Questions