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Services & Pricing

We would like to welcome you to Lipscomb Family Therapy Center. LFTC administrators, staff, supervisors, and therapist interns are eager to serve you and we get excited every time our clients learn how to overcome their struggles and begin to enjoy healthier and happier lives. We look forward to working with you!

Marriage and Family Therapy is a mental health profession similar to psychology, social work, and counseling. Marriage and family therapists diagnose and treat depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and many other mental health problems while also addressing relationship concerns including couple conflict and parent-child issues.

Whereas other mental health professionals work mainly with individuals, marriage and family therapists treat individuals, couples, and families from a relationship-centered perspective, evaluating how clients’ interactions with family, friends, and coworkers affect their mental, social, and emotional health.

Affordable Pricing

A benefit of our treatment setting is that we offer high quality mental health and relationship care services at a cost that is considerably lower than other facilities.

Clients who choose to pay for services using our sliding fee scale will pay anywhere between $10 and $50 for each 53-55 minute session depending on their annual income.

If you have financial concerns about starting therapy, please give us a call. At LFTC, we make every effort not to turn anyone away because of an inability to pay.

Please feel welcome to explore our Good Faith Estimate for our best estimate of expected treatment costs for the average client. 

Therapy Services


Individual Therapy

Most of our sessions at LFTC are individual therapy. In these one-on-one discussions, clients and their therapist intern talk about many aspects of the client’s life and work together to help the client reach his or her goals. Individual therapy is something that we greatly enjoy and we welcome the opportunity to work in this context.


Couple Therapy

As graduate students in Lipscomb University’s master of marriage and family therapy program, LFTC therapist interns receive extensive training on working with couples in treatment. Whether a couple is coming in for “communication issues” or something more specific, we love couple therapy work at LFTC. Our work with couples often involves helping them learn to think and behave in ways that may come unnaturally at first but have been shown by researchers to lead to more satisfying relationships (here is an example of what this looks like).
If you are interested in making your relationship more satisfying, we encourage you to reach out and get into couple therapy.


Family Therapy

As marriage and family therapist interns, LFTC clinical staff are receiving extensive training in family dynamics and are learning to help families learn to function better. When a family is functioning well, life becomes more manageable and satisfying. Please know that there is reason to hope that family life can improve whenever its members are willing to make changes and they are working with a competent clinician. We promise to do our best for you and your family should we have the opportunity to work together.