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Brand Standards

For a brand to last, its story must be true, authentic and deeply felt by all the people who comprise it.

The Lipscomb brand is made up of us. It is the story we have lived for over 130 years. It is the future we will create for decades to come.

Born from the powerful vision of courageous leaders, we confidently live at the forefront as pioneers in Christ-centered higher education. Founded by faithful servants, we invest wholeheartedly in all those we encounter on our campus, in our community and around the world. Forged by the trials and opportunities of breaking new ground, we continually reimagine and refine our methods, unbound by the status quo as we boldly pursue our mission.

Our brand is more than a tagline or mission statement, more than a logo or a campaign, more than a color palette or a mascot–because our brand is not simply what we are.

It is who we are.

Lipscomb University Brand Resources

When people hear the word brand they often think the word logo. It is true that excellent brands usually have great logos. Yet, the stories an organization tells and that others repeat are at the heart of every flourishing brand. Branding begins with words.

As you explore Lipscomb's Brand Standards, you will notice that a lot of attention has been given to the way we talk about Lipscomb University. Our leadership took time to listen to students, faculty, staff and alumni. We reached out to the marketplace to learn perceptions of Lipscomb. In this way, we crafted a comprehensive, nuanced and cohesive framework that captures all the intricacies that make Lipscomb who we are.


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