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Group therapy session

Planning Your Visit

We understand how significant it is to begin therapy. We are honored to serve our clients and we are excited every time our clients learn how to overcome their struggles and begin to enjoy healthier and happier lives.

Before Your First Session

Instructions: We ask clients to complete the intake paperwork forms before they arrive for their first session. In order to be seen as a client at LFTC, clients must accept the terms and conditions described in the LFTC Consent Form and the LFTC Notice of Privacy Practices and provide their electronic signature on each.

LFTC Client Intake Form LFTC Consent Form 

LFTC Notice of Privacy Practices

LFTC Google Meet Statement of Understanding 


Your first appointment will last approximately one and a half hours from the time you arrive to complete all necessary paperwork to the moment your session ends and you schedule your next appointment. Because you will not be able to see your therapist until you complete all necessary paperwork, arriving on time is critical. After you read, sign and turn in all paperwork, you will have approximately 50 minutes to meet with your therapist.

Your First Session

Your first session is an important step in forming a therapeutic alliance, which is the bond that helps you and your therapist understand one another and work together to meet your treatment goals.

During your first session, your therapist will tell you what you can expect as a client at the Lipscomb Family Therapy Center. Your therapist will also ask you questions about your life, health, and relationship history and will give you the opportunity to describe your reasons for coming to therapy.

By the end of your first session, you will have started a therapeutic process that has helped countless others achieve their goals by learning to overcome struggles, manage mental health issues, and strengthen their relationships. We admire your decision to begin therapy and are eager to work with you.

Intake Paperwork Instructions 

After clients have talked with LFTC staff about starting therapy, the next step for them is to read, complete, and sign these forms before having their first session. Please note that LFTC administration may change the terms of the Consent FormNotice of Privacy Practices, and the Google Meet Statement of Understanding and the changes will apply to all information we have about you. The new notices will be available online and upon request.

Client Intake: Providing as much information as you can on this form will help us to get to know you better. This form can be completed on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Consent Form: Please read, initial, and sign this form. Be sure to notice that there is a separate section for parents to sign to give their consent for therapy with their child(ren).

Notice of Privacy Practices: Please read, initial, and sign this form. I recommend keeping a copy of this form for yourself for reference should you have questions about how we use and keep your personal information confidential and secure.

Google Meet Statement of Understanding: Please read, initial, and sign this form. To broaden our ability to serve and promote continuity of care, there are times when Institute clients use telehealth services to meet with their therapist. Telehealth services allow for encrypted video conferencing between therapists and clients. Our business associate agreement with Google allows us to use their video conferencing service, Google Meet, to conduct telehealth therapy sessions. The Google Meet Statement of Understanding introduces our clients to this service and gives instructions on best practices for maintaining confidentiality when meeting with their therapist remotely using their computer, tablet, or mobile phone.