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Group therapy session

Planning Your Visit

We understand how significant it is to begin therapy. We are honored to serve our clients and we are excited every time our clients learn how to overcome their struggles and begin to enjoy healthier and happier lives.

Before Your First Session

Instructions:  To become a client at the LFTC, please call our office at 615-966-5300. Our Assistant Director of Clinical Operations will walk you through a brief intake phone call and answer any questions you may have. Each client will then receive an electronic invitation following this call to set up their client portal via TherapyAppointment, the LFTC’s electronic health records system. 

We ask clients to complete their intake paperwork forms before they arrive for their first session. In order to be seen as a client at LFTC, clients must accept the terms and conditions described in the LFTC Consent Form, including the LFTC Notice of Privacy Practices and provide their electronic signature. Additional LFTC forms include the intake form where you can provide any relevant information to help your therapist get to know you better, and three brief assessments to provide a baseline of the current symptoms you may be experiencing. All intake forms are accessible via the TherapyAppointment portal.

Your First Session

Each intake session at the LFTC is scheduled for two hours, as your first session is an important step in forming a therapeutic alliance, which is the bond that helps you and your therapist understand one another and work together to meet your treatment goals.

During your first session, your therapist will tell you what you can expect as a client at the Lipscomb Family Therapy Center. Your therapist will also ask you questions about your life, health, and relationship history and will give you the opportunity to describe your reasons for coming to therapy.

By the end of your first session, you will have started a therapeutic process that has helped countless others achieve their goals by learning to overcome struggles, manage mental health issues, and strengthen their relationships. We admire your decision to begin therapy and are eager to work with you.