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Diversity, Belonging & Unity

Joining the Herd means respect for all persons and the diversity they bring to our community.

Diversity, Belonging & Unity at Lipscomb University

Lipscomb is devoted to building a culture of diversity, unity, inclusion, justice, equity, and belonging on our campus. We strive to “walk humbly with our God” on our continuing journey to serve all students. As a Christ-centered community, our greatest contribution is to ensure every student feels valued as an image-bearer of God. As beneficiaries of God’s love and grace, we reflect His truth when we treat each other with fairness, respect and compassion.


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The Lipscomb community is strong and resilient, but our strength is how we look out for one another in challenging times: it’s our kindness, it’s our compassion, it’s our care. — William Turner, Special Counsel to the President for Equity, Diversity and Belonging

Our Commitment to the Community

William Lofton Turner

Dr. William Turner, Special Counsel to the President for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We firmly commit to this priority through our institutional statement which affirms the guiding principles along our journey. 

  • As a Christ-centered university, we are committed to treating all individuals as equal image bearers of God.
  • We affirm racial and ethnic diversity as God’s eternal design for humanity and are committed to diversity, inclusion, belonging, justice and unity as central to fulfilling our Lipscomb mission, the Great Commission and Jesus Christ’s commandments to love God and our neighbors.
  • We strive to cultivate a grace-filled, Christ-centered academic community and to foster a culture of belonging where all individuals are loved and their contributions are valued.
  • We fully commit to living out this vision at Lipscomb.

Read more about our goals for diversity and inclusion in our Impact 360 plan.

Let us not assume for one moment that our work is done, the struggle for equal justice continues. — Fred D. Gray, leading Civil Rights attorney
OID Fall Fiesta

Student Life

Everyone has a community here. Be part of organizations, such as the Black Student Association (BSA) and Asian Connection (A-CON), or participate in annual cultural events like Welcome to Our Worlds (WOW) week. The Office of Intercultural Development (OID) is an excellent resource to make connections and find support. Discover these opportunities on the OID webpage.

Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision

IMPACT 360 is Lipscomb’s strategic plan to lead as a top-tier, nationally recognized institution. We have set specific goals to help accomplish creating a unified campus environment and providing community for underrepresented individuals. These efforts encompass programs like Next Generation faculty, the Faculty Affinity group and many more. Learn more about how Lipscomb is actively working toward improving diversity and belonging throughout the university.

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Student presenting at the WOW Fashion Show

WOW Fashion Show

Fall Fiesta from the Office of Intercultural Development

Fall Fiesta from the Office of Intercultural Development

MLK Diversity Breakfast

MLK Diversity Breakfast

The crowd at the WOW Fashion Show

The crowd at the WOW Fashion Show

WOW Fashion Show

WOW Fashion Show

Scholarships & Programs

Pionero Scholar

The Pionero Scholars Program focuses on diversity by valuing the unique perspective of Nashville-raised students who are accustomed to the city's rich blend of religious, ethnic, national, income, and linguistic diversity. We believe these local students, regardless of their own backgrounds, are well-prepared to excel as teachers, leveraging their community's context and strengths from day one.

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Fred Gray Scholars

The Fred D. Gray Scholarship is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of civic leaders at Lipscomb University. Named after Fred D. Gray, it empowers students majoring in Law, Justice, and Society who embody passion, creativity, empathy, and determination. Initially bestowed in a scholar's junior or senior year, it recognizes their potential to carry forward Gray's legacy.

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Lift Off to Lipscomb

Discover the dynamic partnership between Lipscomb University and Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). Access personalized support like mentorship, tutoring, college prep workshops, and financial aid assistance through our program. Our goal is to empower MNPS students academically and pave the way for their successful transition to higher education. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock your potential.

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Next Generation Fellowship

The Next Generation Program, one of the first initiatives of Lipscomb's Impact 360 strategic goal to build a culture of diversity, equity and belonging on campus, is a scholarship program aimed at Lipscomb's students of color from the Church of Christ faith heritage.

students walking together on campus

Office of Accessibility

This office helps support students with disabilities and offers whole-person learning experiences to meet student needs. Efforts include the BEST program, which has expanded current services to students who need more one-on-one or small group support. Over the past five years, Lipscomb has seen a significant increase in the number of students with disabilities enrolling at the university. Learn more about how this office can be of service to you or your student.

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group of students

Pre-College Programs

Before officially joining the student body, there are two, unique opportunities for young people to experience Lipscomb. ENGAGE is a pre-college, summer program for high school students from racially diverse backgrounds and churches to explore Christian theology and the contemporary call to racial justice and reconciliation. AERO (Accelerated Engineering Readiness Opportunity) is a math bridge program for recent high school graduates interested in engineering who need to boost their math skills to enter the academic major. Discover more about these programs.



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