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Greetings from Lipscomb's special counsel to the president for diversity and belonging

Together, we are creating a stronger, more inclusive Lipscomb University where every individual feels valued and has the opportunity to thrive.

William Turner | 

William Turner

As we enter the second year of our Impact 360 Strategic Plan, it is with great excitement and pride that we share the incredible progress and successes we have achieved in pursuing Goal 4: Diversity and Belonging. This goal is central to our mission of creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our community, and we are pleased to report on the remarkable strides we have made.

Here are some of the notable accomplishments and initiatives that highlight our commitment to diversity and belonging:

  • Next Generation Faculty Fellowship: We are thrilled to announce the selection of Lipscomb alumnus, Thabile Brown, as the first recipient of the Next Generation Faculty Fellowship. This fellowship identifies and supports future faculty members who come from underrepresented groups. (Stay tuned for the announcement of our second Next Generation Faculty Fellow, scheduled to be revealed early in the new year.) 
  • Faculty of Color Fellowship and Mentoring Luncheons: The establishment and implementation of these monthly luncheons have proven to be both successful and well-attended, fostering valuable connections and support within our faculty community.
  • University Statement: We proudly unveiled a university statement reaffirming our commitment to Diversity and Belonging. This statement serves as a powerful testament to our dedication to these principles.
  • Historical Marker Collaboration: In partnership with the City of Nashville, we worked on the creation of a historical marker commemorating the Nashville Christian Institute, a Christian high school for African Americans. This marker will be placed at the original site of the school, preserving an essential part of our shared history.
  • Lipscomb Black Alumni Council: We have collaborated with the Office of Development to rejuvenate the Lipscomb Black Alumni Council, further strengthening the bond among our alumni community.
  • Honoring Civil Rights Icons: We hosted an event in September 2023 to honor Civil Rights pioneer and legend, Fred D. Gray J.D., recipient of the National Medal of Freedom partners with the Carroll B Ellis Symposium to honor the legacy of the legendary preacher Marshall Keeble.

These accomplishments, alongside the ongoing dedication of the Goal 4 Task Force and Respect Leads: Lipscomb's Diversity and Belonging Council, demonstrate our unwavering commitment to fostering an environment where diversity and belonging are celebrated and cherished.

We are excited about the progress we have made and the successes we are celebrating. Together, we are creating a stronger, more inclusive Lipscomb University where every individual feels valued and has the opportunity to thrive.
Thank you for your continued support and engagement in this vital journey toward Diversity and Belonging at Lipscomb.


William Turner


A statement of our commitment to diversity, inclusion, belonging, justice and unity

  • As a Christ-centered university, we are committed to treating all individuals as equal image bearers of God.

  • We affirm racial and ethnic diversity as God’s eternal design for humanity and are committed to diversity, inclusion, belonging, justice and unity as central to fulfilling our Lipscomb mission, the Great Commission and Jesus Christ’s commandments to love God and our neighbors.

  • We strive to cultivate a grace-filled, Christ-centered academic community and to foster a culture of belonging where all individuals are loved and their contributions are valued.

  • We fully commit to living out this vision at Lipscomb.