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When you are part of a school that has more than 125 years of history, you’re bound to get wrapped up in the delights of decades-old traditions.

Questweek slip 'n' slide group smiling together

While you’re here, you’ll likely start your own tradition, like choosing a place to volunteer during Service Day and beyond. You see, our campus traditions are intertwined with our identity. And they are precious memories for our alumni, who enjoy returning to campus and see these customs upheld with pride. So learn more about Lipscomb and the traditions you'll take part in. After all, you're invited. 

Girls sing during Singarama.

Tradition awaits you

When you take your first steps onto campus as an official Lipscomb student, you’ll feel the energy that builds around becoming a Bison. The moment you get here, you’ll hit the ground running! You have an action-packed college career ahead of you, full of new community, connections, traditions and opportunities.

Singarama has the power to be such an inclusive thing; anyone can learn and anyone can be involved. It’s been one of the most special things to me. — Amy Hurd, Singarama 2019 Director
Fireworks explode at Lipscomb.

Find your favorite tradition

There’s always something happening on our vibrant campus where you’ll have endless opportunities to get involved. We encourage you to explore as many Lipscomb traditions as you can — and start one of your own.

Things You'll Love About Lipscomb

Battle of the Boulevard - rushing the court

Battle of the Boulevard

This renowned basketball game is one of the many exciting sporting events on campus each year, and with Lipscomb athletics consistently in the national spotlight, it just keeps getting better. Because of its storied past with our rival at the other end of the Boulevard, this event is high-energy, high-stakes, and you won’t want to miss it. Arrive to Allen Arena in your best purple and gold to cheer on your Bisons!

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singarama big finish


More than 17,000 students have participated in Singarama. Given a single theme, students in each group develop storylines, write scripts, choose a minimum of eight songs and accompanying choreography, design sets and create costumes - but that’s not all. Expect to see yourself and your fellow students come out of the woodwork with gifts and talents. At Lipscomb, Singarama is more than a competition - it’s about the friends and memories made in the process.

Learn about Singarama
Students and Quest team members show off their Lipscomb gear during QuestWeek.


Welcome to Lipscomb! You’ll spend your first week transitioning into college, exploring Nashville and getting to know your community before classes begin. QuestWeek is the stuff of Lipscomb legend, having been known to include giant slip ‘n’ slides, movie nights in the square, neon roller skating, an Olympics course, and planned dinners for you and your friends.

Learn about QuestWeek
Four students work together sorting cans in a food bank for Service Day.

Service Day

One of our most meaningful traditions is Service Day, where classes are canceled and schedules are cleared so all of Lipscomb can give back to Nashville. Every year, more than 1,000 students, faculty and staff volunteer their time for the community in a variety of ways.

Learn more about Service Day
A Lipscomb student on mission and a young student hug in El Salvador.

Missions Fair

Last year, about a thousand members of the Lipscomb community chose to be a part of a mission team. This year, we hope to count you among that number. The Missions Fair will have information booths for about 60 local and international trips, going everywhere from Arizona to Australia. Meet trip leaders and students to discuss where you can use your gifts and passions to serve.

Learn about Missions
Students pray together with illuminated candles during Initium.


As you begin your college career at Lipscomb, you'll take part in Initium, a symbolic passing of the torch to freshmen and transfers. The Sunday before classes start, we meet together for this annual start to the academic year. You'll also receive another small, special symbol: a blank slate, as we challenge you to grow spiritually and academically.

Students, faculty, staff and guests sing together during Convocation in Allen Arena.


Convocation is a time where, with the sound of bagpipes, we all launch into a new school year together. It's a tradition that prepares all of us — new students, upperclassmen, faculty and staff — for the challenges and accomplishments that are to come. It's not unusual for some special guests to join us, either

A woman and two men sing during the Tau Phi Cowboy Show/

Tau Phi Cowboy Show

The Tau Phi Cowboy Show has been a tradition for more than 40 years. It's a country music production run by the social club, and hosted and performed by club members who also welcome additional talent from the women of Lipscomb.

Learn more about the Cowboy Show
Students outside in Bison Square at night for a dodgeball competition.


Not just any dodgeball match. Our Student Activities Board hosts a fabled dodgeball tournament around Halloween each year. The teams and matchups are always unexpected, yet wildly entertaining. You might see the Ghostbusters face off against Pac-Man, or the Avengers in an epic battle against Nashville tourists. Pick a team and pick a theme, then head to the Fanning Courtyard for a sporting event whose intensity (almost) rivals the Battle of the Boulevard.