Office of Sponsored Programs

Advancing Scholarship

The greatest discoveries and advancements in the world begin with asking questions. In an effort to seek the answers, the inquiring mind develops a process for investigating possible solutions. Research at Lipscomb University is about asking the questions the reveal to us the truth in the world as we know it.  Truth ranging from biodiversity to sustainability. Truth that reveals to us a God who is the creator and sustainer of life.

Over the years, Lipscomb University has taken great strides in advancing study and research on all levels and throughout many different programs. We have seen some incredible things already from new methods for teaching and learning to potential chemical compounds that could relieve the chronic pain that a patient experiences.

The development of the Office of Sponsored Programs begins a unique and exciting chapter in our university, and further shows our commitment to expanding and growing the important field of research across our campus and throughout the community and into the world.